[ A w i s s a ' s room ] — K E E P O U T ~ !

as promised, M Y R O O M !

latest additions 2 room:

x X x

pea-ass// H A P P Y B ‘ D A Y 2 my CUZ-WUZ, da Queen of Sweethearts! luv ya~! ;o) x x x

80 Responses to [ A w i s s a ' s room ] — K E E P O U T ~ !

  1. ntt says:

    LOVE this one. :) Been waiting for ages for this post. xx

  2. smile(fans from thailand) says:

    Very love yur room. and happy belated new year Arissa

  3. LC says:

    OMG, its a beautiful mess!!! Is that all? How bout showing the clothes and bags’ department?? Hee!

  4. Wow, amazing! Your room is so big and you have a nice shoes shelf. It’s awesome, so many shoes  can’t imagine how nice it is…

  5. NitaHuang says:

    It’s beautiful!! like the spiral stairs n’ blowball pendant so much..
    and LOVE the toys everywhere <3 CUTE n' FASHIONABLE!!!
    I just realized.. most of your shoes are highheels.. ..wow

  6. Elle Bambi says:

    Hi Arissa! Love your room + accessories!! What size shoe do you wear?? Have you ever thought of auctioning some of your unused items?? :) )))

  7. W.s says:

    Pretty arissa, Where r the bagssss ?!?!

  8. Gillian says:

    OMG ! piles of shoes ! lucky gal !

  9. Rach says:

    Hi arissa!
    Is this a condo or a cluster house! I thought u were living with your family? Like a little 2 storey tower as your room.. But this seems like a cluster house. Very trendy and edgy style!

  10. Hayley says:

    waaahhh, no way are those all your shoes!! :O you have so manyy!! I ABSOLUTELY love your jewellery dept but….. I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh x

  11. Francisca says:

    thank you for sharing your crib! amazing collections of accesories and shoes <3

  12. dee says:

    Love all the pinups esp the los Angeles one!

  13. shannypie says:

    love the arty farty feel :)

  14. bingoo says:

    Arissa, it is a mad crazy room!
    Do you speak Chinese or English with your families?

  15. MaryAnne says:

    Crazy awesome room post Arissa! What are you planning to wear for CNY Day 1 & 2? :) Will you be in Singapore? Any family tradition to follow?

  16. Suyin says:

    A bag/closet post next time round yes? ^^

  17. kamita says:

    Woah honestly, the amount of money you spend on shoeS can actually feed an under-privileged kid for 3 years. do you ever feel guilty spending money like that? #justcurious ~~

  18. Maye says:

    Your room is really spacious and special! You converted it into two storey? Lovely view you’ve! So uber blessed!

  19. gina says:

    hi awissa, what are your guilty pleasures?

  20. quack says:

    Dear Arissa, how many ear piercings do you have in total?

  21. insatx says:

    my dermatologist told me not to put all my skincare stuffs in the bathroom because bathrooms are usually the dirtiest places in the house! maybe you should put it in your room instead! but this is just a word of advice! :) lovely room anyway!

  22. Kas Angela says:

    Haiii.. Arissa cie

    hmmm i love all of u! please post some pix of ur bags and clothes!! xo

  23. Cassie says:

    Hi A, I see that you have quite the collection of Hermes Cdcs’! Out of curiosity, what colors do you have ? They’re all in exotic leather I’m sure? ;) also, do an (updated) skincare/makeup post soon!

  24. Quan says:

    hiiii arissa!!
    plz tell me which one is ur fav perfum??

  25. Mae Lu says:

    Holy crap, your room is epic. I need that shoe/accessories loft in my life.


    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.

  26. Wennjo says:

    Awesome!!! I have to say… I can’t help being attracted by you, your style and your way. You are really
    my fashion icon! *-^

  27. ash says:

    Hi arissa,
    your room is tres chic, it is a COVETEUR-worthy post :) . Anyways, I love the design of your house ( judging frm poot’s viddy and few instagram pics) i love the shallow pool and garden, soo tropical and cozy. Do you know who the architect is?

  28. Fenny says:

    OMG… I super MAD LOVE all of your Interior and stuff inside there. Amazing room :)
    And I notice your super cute HELLO KITTY beside ur perfume collection hehehe

    You just gimme amazing idea for Interior design.
    Nice to know ur blog :)

  29. Emz says:

    hello arissa jiejie! :D
    do you speak cantonese?
    your room is so prettyyyyyyy!!!!!

  30. hayley says:

    heya! Do you reply to emails that are non-carte blanche related? I wanted 2 ask u for a few tips etc bout my prom in march! I have bought nothin’ so far! (panic mode) :/ x x

    • A R I S S A says:

      hey! would prefer non-work related stuff here. what are your questions? x

      • Hayley says:

        what would you recommend or what would you wear if you were 17 to prom?! like colours/dress type for chinese girls?! how would you do your hair on that day too? i have shoulder length hair.. any suggestions what styles i could pull off? :P .x

        • A R I S S A says:

          i can’t remember what it’s like to be 17! hhaahah… uhmm… something simple?? think u should just keep things simple, for both outfit and hair. u’re only 17! ;o) x

          • Hayley says:

            yeah! thankyou!! i was going to go for a navy blue dress and keep my hair simple by straightening it but all of my friends have blings and hair pieces! :P
            would you ever come to Scotland,UK for a holiday break?!!! would so love to see you in real life ahaha ( stalkerish) :P x x

          • HAYLEY says:

            arissasa, recently i uploaded my prom dress on fb and a girl has apparently already bought the same dress as me and told me 2 return it as we will clash :/ what do i do?! :( really awkward!.xx

          • A R I S S A says:

            wear it still and wear it differently! why should u listen to her?! ask HER to return HER dress! xP

  31. sl says:

    Hi, do you mind telling me where you got your black and grey suitcases from? really like their look.


  32. Diana says:

    Hi Arissa,
    You are not only beautiful but very thoughtful and intelligent too! Your skincare range totally blows my mind off. :) Wanna thank you for being such great role model to all the girls out that!! Happy New Yr!!

  33. Candice says:

    Hey Arissa! Do you have any tips for face slimming? Any products or aesthetic procedures?? You are so unbelievably gorgeous omg, and I would kill to have your room. Lol.

    • A R I S S A says:

      thank u! not really… my face loses more weight and gets longer as i grow older… not a good thing… it looks better a lil’ fuller, in my opinion! xx

  34. zylj2 says:

    hi Arissa,what kinds of perfume do you often use?

  35. TUB says:

    Hi, Arissa,
    Do you have any suggestions for getting a wallet?

  36. maria says:

    Hiii Arissa, I know this might be quiet random but which song did you use for this post? xo

  37. Melissa Vong says:

    Hi Arissa,
    Adore your accessories collections with “square box”divider in the drawers,very tidy & organized.What about your ring & earing collections,will you still place it in the same way as well? I have difficulty to dangle all my earings & rings, any suggestions of placing it? Dazzling room you have,thank you for sharing ;) xx

  38. Kat says:

    Are Globetrotter luggage good? I mean would it last you for a long time like Louis Vuitton luggage?

  39. Berry says:

    Hi arissa, is that a pool outside your room? a very trendy room with those unique decos. I’m sure you’ve a hard time decorating your room. nice one!! x

  40. hazel says:

    hello!youve really fun birthday cakes featured in a couple of your posts!do you have a fixed patissier to recommend? thank you lots!

  41. alicia says:

    Hi Arissa, Can you share the name of artist that did the girl with the teddy bear picture that you have in your bathroom? Where can I get that print? Love it! Also, where did you get the Marilyn Monroe/LA picture?! Thanks! xoxo

  42. nana says:

    Dear arissa,

    the Decoration in ur house done by u or interior designer? hehee..just curious. But u really have a good taste in art. I like how u blend the room with the touch of purple everywhere. Niceeeee…Lastly thanks for sharing the post. Hope to hear more from u. Xoxo.


  43. Brittany says:

    Hi Dear Arissa,

    Would like to ask do you shop online for Furniture or any home deco? If yes do you mind to share the website? Because I’m currently searching furniture and decorate idea for my bungalow style beauty salon and really do not know where to start. A little bit hard to find French style furniture here in Malaysia. :(
    Btw, I love the “PARIS” letter in your bathroom. Can’t find similar ones online, most of the online items are plain color.

    Thanks! <3

    • A R I S S A says:

      don’t really shop online for furniture… so sorry… usually just pick stuff up when i’m traveling or from furniture places at dempsey here in sg…

      good luck for your beauty salon! sounds like fun! ;) xx

  44. rachelxoo says:

    hi arrisa!
    your room looks awesome, with a very pretty pool view. which part of sg is this?

  45. Jo Anne says:

    Hello!I just want to say that your room is to DIE for =D
    Hope it would be okay to ask a few questions!
    I am a 16 year old girl =) and i was wondering whether you encourage 16 year old girls to wear heels?and whether it would be okay to wear designer handbags like Nina Ricci,Prada etc etc.
    and do you think whether teenagers need a lot of clothes and shoes?
    Thank you for your time!

    • A R I S S A says:

      haah wow, that’s a lot of questions.

      uhm, when i was 16 i didn’t really wear designer brands. but i dunno, the times are different now, to each her own.

      it’s not a matter of “need” but whether or not you are able to afford it. if u are, by all means go ahead. if u don’t, then focus on other things and build up your closet bit by bit.


  46. Jo Anne says:

    Oh thank you for answering my MANY questions! :)
    I do know a few people who are teenagers from a low income family that are willing to work part time just so they could buy a designer bag!their determination kind of make me go “WOW REALLY?”a lil bit
    When u were in college did u always dress up fashionably?pretty sure a lot of students admired ur clothing! I love how you complement a simple top with accessories and look like a million dollars!
    A little part of me couldnt help but to feel excited about your next outfit post like “OOH I WONDER WHAT IS SHE GOING TO WEAR NEXT!” :D

    • A R I S S A says:

      aw thanks! i went to college in L.A so was very influenced by the culture there… at that time, boutiques like kitson, planet blue, madison etc etc were popular and would shop there all the time…

      but really, just go for what u like! xx

  47. ShaelynnS says:

    Hi Arissa,

    I’ve noticed that you have a lot of Murakami books, are there any specific ones you recommend?

  48. anita says:

    Hi Arissa..

    I LOVE your room decor! very artsy <3 i was wondering where did you get that Marilyn poster in LA? is it expensive?

    Thank You! <3

  49. gigi says:

    hi arissa !!
    i really want to know what the name of ur apartment! is this cluster house? i am looking for this kind of house. please reply me T_T i really love your apartment

  50. DC says:

    Hi, where did you get the Unicorn head on yr wall. its absolutely stunning. :)

  51. bathroom says:

    I love your bathroom! Where did you buy this bath? I would like to buy something similar!

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