t o k y o ! [ day 1 ]

Isabel Marant oversized jacket / Alexander Wang sweater / The Row leather pants / Alaia booties / Rick Owens beanie / Celine luggage tote / Tom Binns hoop earrings / Vintage necklace / Cartier + Pamela Love rings / Tom Ford sunnies

w/ S a n d y !

photo credit: CALVIN WANG DA BIEN

[ www.clowverk.com ]

more pix comin’ soon~

[ x ]

15 Responses to t o k y o ! [ day 1 ]

  1. Gerri says:

    ROFL! da bien… the 4th pic is rrly nice! looks very natural yet chic! :)

  2. Jean says:

    hi, i know it’s weird asking this.. but what’s the size of ur pants? :x
    u really have long and pretty legs, envious and wished i was as tall as you..
    i love your updates! always stay happy~

    • A R I S S A says:

      haha i have a really small lower body. XS! i’m not tall! i juz wear reallyyyyyy high heeels!!! thank u, u stay happy too!!! xx

  3. r says:

    hey Arissa! looking awesome! pls pray tell where u got your hp case with the tassel??? #NEED thank you!

  4. 乌雅丰生 says:


  5. Mai says:

    hi Arissa, you’re really awesome! i admire your fashion…so stunning! great bags & shoes, too~more power to carte blanche x

  6. Sarah says:

    Wow, you look nice on that picture, a good model! hope to see more from you …

  7. M says:

    Hey what is that lipstick shade? :)

  8. Lydia says:

    Hi! Do you walk around all day in those heels? They are so high, I doubt I can even make it out of my door with those on:/ any tips for walking in heels?:D

  9. Gina says:

    Hi Arissa, what is your secret to facing life happily and with zest, motivation, love etc?

  10. Mayyin says:

    where do you usually buy your coats from?

  11. talktoyou says:

    Dear A, whats the size of the pamela ring that ure wearing?

  12. Tessa says:

    hi arissa, where is your iphone case from? its so pretty! :)

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