(above) H&M sweater / Ksubi shorts / Proenza bag / Giuseppe Zanotti shoes / Grey Ant sunnies / Necklace from Lane Crawford, HK (forgot the brand x__X), Franck Muller watch, Chrome Hearts rings

INSTAGRAM JAMS from this week:

Current Elliot jeans / Givenchy bag / Giuseppe Zanotti shoes / Tom Binns bracelet

MAWI Spike necklace available here / Proenza bag / Chrome Hearts, Butler & Wilson rings

A.M Eyewear sunnies available here / Proenza bag / YSL lippie / Smythson organizer

Grey Ant sunnies / MAWI tube & fang necklace available here + MAWI box chain double spike ring available here


i’m currently obsessed with this japanese drugstore brand called HEROINE MAKE. bought their powders, bb creams, and all of their mascaras (a lil’ overkill but the packaging is just too cute!). i the mascaras and use all three together. my lashes are amazingly long! TRY ‘EM!

X electric luv transmission x

45 Responses to f r i d a y : BLUE BLUE BLUE // + INSTAGRAM JAMS

  1. M says:

    Lovely outfit! Heart the hello kitty phone case. What are your favorite lip colors these days? Going to try the mascara out. (:

  2. Nani says:

    WOAH that blue bag is VIBRANT!

  3. ShaelynnS says:

    Do you know where you can buy the Heroine Make brand online?

  4. Chan says:

    hi, i was wondering how much the tom binns “chaos” bracelet was and where can i buy it? thank you!

    • A R I S S A says:

      i think u can search online? if u are in sg or hk, they have it at on pedder. but i’m not sure if they still have it… x

  5. Sheila Kristina says:

    Hello there! Would like to ask where did you get those heroine make? ☺
    Thanks a lot. xxx

    P.S. You look awesome, BTW.

  6. annie says:

    Hi Arissa, I have some question to ask hope u don’t mind :)

    What language do u speak to Emily and Elly? and how bout invite them become one of the miss X ?

    love your style very much, have a nice day :D

  7. Jac says:

    How often do u travel?

  8. Hayley says:

    hello! could u do a lil post on ur cuz, i knw u said she likes to be behind the scenes but shes part of it too! :D oh, random bt did u get a haircut ahaha? I wana try those mascaras outt! xX

  9. Elle Bambi says:

    Hi Arissa! I absolutely love your style!! Will you ever consider selling some of your unwanted/no longer used fashion accessories or bags?? If so, please let us fans know!!!! :P xo

  10. Jean says:

    Hey Arissa, have you tried both the white and black compact versions of the heroine make? What’s the difference though? And which one do you personally like? Stay beautiful!

  11. Rina says:

    Hey pretty,
    Could u plz do a post on ur handbags !?! Cnt wait !!
    Thxxx !!

  12. D.W. says:

    hi Arissa, im just curious, have you ever gotten a short hairstyle/hairstyle w fringe before?

  13. nadine says:

    Hi arissa those are some awesome shoes.

    How long have u been using the heroine make cosmetics? B/c I think some of ur photos ur face looks another darker and much more yellow then how u looked before, especially with ur significantly pink toned fair skin the products seem to lean a little yellow on u.

    Just my opinion though!

  14. KL says:

    Hey Arissa! Love love love your style lol. I see you get your nails done, it’s very nice. If you ever come to the US should visit my families nail salon. They do a very nice job. Here’s the link to their facebook http://www.facebook.com/nailasiasalon?sk=info#!/nailasiasalon check out the designs they do if you like.

    xoxo KL

  15. BW says:

    Hi arissa,

    was wondering if you have the electric blue balenciaga too? and how many colours of proenza do you have? those are nice bags! :D

  16. cass says:

    Dear Arissa,

    What is ur favorite blusher especially for fair skin people?

    I tried the heroine make products and I’m surprised the colors quite dark and orangey ! But the mascara is not bad the black package one. Any other favorite foundations?

    • A R I S S A says:

      i don’t use foundation!

      really? the heroine make powders don’t really have color…

      recently i kinda stopped using blusher…. too lazy!!!!! xx

  17. cass says:

    U Shld try Za 2-way, it’s v v good much better than the heroine, brighter color and more shade selection. I tried a few including rmk but still use back the za!

  18. Cass says:

    hi dear!

    actually the heroine make black casing one is a foundation, the white one is press powder, and bb creams are like thicker foundations and the rmk 2-way cake is a foundation in your beauty post is too!

    • A R I S S A says:

      oh haha! i always thought foundations were like thick gooey liquids in bottles. :D thanks! see, i’m clueless! xx

      • cass says:

        haha! i hate liquid type foundations also as they clog my pores and look heavy even if stated that is good for skin, u should try the za pink one, its cheap but its really good!, xiaxue swears by it too! but do not use it with the given sponge, buff with another puff or a brush, i find it better than the black heroine make!

  19. Rach says:

    hey arissa! may i ask where u got your black hello kitty case u posted on ur instagram? i wanttttt!!! also, may i also know where you got your inverted sorta french tip nails done? i think its the blue and white ones u sported in some of ur pics, i want to try them! thanks so much arissa!

    • A R I S S A says:

      i got it in taiwan!! and my nails were done there too. u can just show the picture to a nail place where u are and i’m sure they can do the same thing? xx

  20. Luna says:

    hi girl, who made the purple-pinkish shirt?

  21. lp says:

    Hi arissa,

    do you have a favourite brand for denim? :P

  22. Joey says:

    Hi arissa, sorry if this question is not totally related to your post! But rmb you did a post on your room once right? Is it a loft bedroom? Because your bed and lounge area is downstairs, and you have an upper level which consists of your shoes and accessories right? What are these upper level area called? Is there any term for that interior design or just a loft ‘fashion and accessories’ area? Thanks so much in advance! Your rooms beautiful! You sld do a post on your wardrobe and clothes etc! Xxxx

  23. rachelle says:

    since you travel so much, which country do you usually spend your most time in? Singapore?

  24. ariel says:

    Hi arissa, you travel alot right? Can you please do a post on what to wear and bring as airport and plane fashion wear/style? Im sure many people who are travelling find it hard to put aiport fashion together cause one might turn out sloppy in lounge wear! So if you could, please do a post on it and give some advices. Thanks alot! :)

  25. lyn says:

    hello can you please do a post on bags and heels?? :) thanks!! Like the recommendations for shoes and bags and how to pair them for different types of occasions! Thanks alot!

  26. Tori says:

    Dear Arissa~~~
    is your blue Proenza bag size medium?

  27. Mag says:

    Hi Arissa,

    Need some advise from you, I read that you actually visit LS Medical (@Wisma) for facial, may I know what type of facial you will recommend as an maintenance as you did do over there. I may consider it as they have quite a number of promotion going on before the month end. Hope can get a little advise from you since you are doing facials there before. :) Thanks much! ;D

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