RUNWAYDREAMZ’ a w e s o m e studded shorts are hittin’ Room X next week! i personally really L O V E their ripped/studded shorts that come in all colors of the rainbow and wear ‘em to death~ hope u guys will like them too.

watch out for when we put ‘em up! ;o)

ZARA white shirt / RUNWAYDREAMZ studded shorts / SUNETTES sunnies / YSL clutch / CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN heels / NOIR necklace / AVGVSTA & AVGVSTVS skulliosis bracelet / CARTIER n’ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN rings

[ X ]

7 Responses to // RUNWAYDREAMZ //

  1. Dee says:

    I love your sunglasses!!!!!!
    But my face is really round. Round sunglasses don’t suit me. T.T

  2. C says:

    Hi Arissa, may I know whats the song thats playing on your web currently? :)

  3. Laishan says:

    Hiiii arissa, S0RRY for the out of the topic questions, but just got curious of what kind of bulldoggy is biggie?? he’s suparr CUTE!!!
    -love ur style & beauty!!!

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Arissa , are u the model of runwaydreamz or u actully create and sell those items ?=)
    where do i get to purchase these outfits ? thanks ^^

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