The Stylish Lives of Others

Contrary to popular belief, style is not just about the clothes. Don’t get me wrong – the clothes is a huge part of it, but the truly stylish do not only dress well but also infuse every aspect of their lives with the beauty, elegance and spirit of fashion as well. For the enlightened and initiated, style is more than something you wear; it is a way of life, a state of mind. That is why creative people in general and fashion people in particular are so fascinating to watch.

Thanks to the Internet, we can now satisfy our voyeuristic cravings with a click of the mouse. Simply log on to one of the following websites to virtually raid the living spaces of captivating personalities from the creative fields, such as fashion, art, design and more. The best part is that nobody is going to judge you for sticking your nose into these private places. In fact, you have been invited in. So go on, enjoy yourself!


Perfume collection of Shirley Cook, CEO of Proenza Schouler

Into The Gloss is a website that is dedicated to beauty from inside the fashion industry and on the street. For the beauty junkie, it is a great place to pick up tips from make-up artists, hair-stylists and other professionals. You can pick through the carefully curated products that fashion-insiders (such as editors and stylists) swear by, their beauty routines and sources of inspiration. You will also get to meet the quirky characters and beautiful faces behind fashion’s clockworks, read honest reviews on the latest products and see what goes on backstage at fashion shows.

Messy side buns at Chanel Fall/Winter 2011

Dotting freckles backstage at Chloe Fall/Winter 2011

Fashion blogger Susie Bubble talks beauty


Manolo Blahnik shoes belonging to Chelsea Zalopany, Fashion Writer

Founded by a designer and a stylist, it is not surprising that The Coveteur is famed for its gorgeously styled photography that reflects an exquisite eye for details. Taking you into the closets of international influencers and fashion’s elite, the point is less about simply showcasing the items in these closets but more of finding out why they are meaningful to their owners’ personal sense of style. Guaranteed to make people-watching enthusiasts very happy indeed, what The Coveteur offers is a chance to peek behind the closed doors of leading trendsetters and get to know them more intimately.

Valentino Jacket belonging to Leandra Medine, Author

Vintage pearl collar belonging to Sarah Brown, Fashion Director, Vogue

Sunglasses belonging to Britt Aboutaleb, Editor,


Bread rolls at Tartine Bakery

People who do food are usually quietly toiling creatives who are overshadowed by their more glamourous counterparts in fashion, design and art. Edible Selby aims to set this right by featuring chefs, bakers, restauranteurs and cafe owners (among others) in their element – and where better to do that than the kitchen? It is also no coincidence that many of the personalities featured on Edible Selby are often very stylish as well. A likely hypothesis is that passion for one’s craft can translate into an attractive confidence that positively influences personal style.

Tony Conigliaro, Mixologist

Chocolate dessert at Le Bernadin

Kitchen at Hartwood restaurant

By Dottie Tan

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