This Week’s #1 Girl: Melody Yoko Reilly

Mademoiselle X, c’est moi, can hardly contain her excitement. Before I do Olympic-worthy triple back flips (in killer heels, no less) and shout out at the top of my voice about some really exciting news, here’s our sizzlin’ hot #1 girl of the week: Melody Yoko Reilly.

Melody is an American-Japanese model who’s based in Tokyo and models for magazines such as Glamorous, ViVi and Luire amongst many others and fronts countless fashion/beauty campaigns such as Laguna Moon, Ravijour, Uniqlo, Peach John and Shiseido. She is also a regular on the catwalk for Tokyo Girls  Collection, where only the most popular Japanese models gather to showcase the latest collections from the hippest Japanese brand names like Moussy, Sly, Alba Rosa, Cecil Mc Bee and Snidel. The way Melody struts her stuff and playfully amps up the sexiness on the catwalk definitely makes her our favorite one to watch at the semi-annual event.

Now on to the exciting part………. We are proud to announce that Melody will be joining us as one of Carte Blanche X’s FACES! Melody’s personal page will soon be added alongside with three other new FACES. Are you guys excited? We sure are!

Go bookmark FACESnow.

Shiseido TVC:

MOSTI promo video:

Her favorite beauty products:

Check out her YouTube page, MelodyYoko!

With Love, Mademoiselle X

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