Tumbs Up: Fashion Insider Tumblrs To Follow

I have to confess: I have not always thought much of Tumblr, that blogging platform known for its short, photo-heavy and utterly shareable posts. For the twenty-something me, it seems unnecessarily full of adolescent angst, slap-stick jokes and celebrity obsession. That was when I discovered that it is also filled with beautiful fashion pictures and useful style nuggets framed in a format so scrollable that one is almost compelled to continuing pressing the down key.

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One of the greatest things about Tumblr blogs is how it gives us candid glimpses into the world of fashion. And who can give us a better view than the industry insiders themselves, who live, breathe and now, Tumblr fashion? From editor to blogger, here are five must-read Tumblr blogs manned by influential style mavens that you should be following right now – if you are not already doing so.


From hard-to-please judge on Project Runway to impeccably stylish fashion editor at Marie Claire, Nina Garcia is one of those rare fashion professionals that translate wonderfully onto social media. She is inspiring but relatable, which is precisely why her Tumblr is such a hit. Other than the beautiful runway and editorial images, you will also find a treasure trove of fabulous quotes, the latest must-have buys and juicy gossip nuggets.


If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to be a high fashion model, this is the Tumblr that you should be following. Easily one of the most recognisable faces in the industry, Coco Rocha keeps it real and is surprisingly candid about the downsides of fashion (e.g. the infamous skinny model issue). Leading us through one glamourous fashion event after another, she allows us an intriguing peek behind the scenes – and we can hardly ever get tired of those.


The success of the Coveteur Tumblr is evidence enough that there is no limits to our voyeuristic cravings. Documenting the process of the blog’s popular photoshoots at the homes of fascinating personalities, we now know how the selecting and styling of items are done. Everything is more cluttered and less polished, but that is exactly what is charming about these ‘before’ pictures.


It is always curious to see when an established brand manages to do well on the social media front as well, but Oscar de la Renta seems to have pulled that off just fine. Blogging mini-posts on its Oscar PR Girl Tumblr, one of the key pull of this site is its abundance of lovely, dreamy pictures that always tell an story about the brand. From a photograph of Oscar himself in Japan from the ’80s to a video snippet of an iconic Sex and the City moment, we are constantly being reminded of not only how great the brand was, but how it still is.


The T Magazine is easily one of the best fashion-as-art resources available online and its Tumblr simply offers its fantastic content in accessible bite-sizes – which is great for flipping through on our daily transits. However, the large-format pictures on the site may be much more suited for scrolling through (and looked at properly) on a lazy weekend afternoon. Whatever you do, I assure you that it will be a very enjoyable experience.

by Dottie Tan

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