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With Hedi Slimane as the newly appointed creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, the multi-national brand, has recently announced its decision to rebrand itself. The news was shared with the world through its faceboook fan page where a picture was posted up of an altered packaging box with a new logo, which resulted in a dramatic outburst from fans all over the world. Changing the name and logo of such an established brand like YSL is  a bold move and definitely a scary change to adapt to, especially as we have all come to know and love the Yves Saint Laurent brand as our generation”s iconic label. However, this decision to rebrand, stems from the idea of bringing Yves Saint Laurent back to its roots and original branding and subsequently “restoring [its brand] back to its truth, purity and essense” – YSL Spokeswoman. It has also been said that Saint Laurent Paris will only be used for the Ready-To-Wear collections and all other products such as shoes and beauty products will remain untouched with the classic YSL logo and name.

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The font that is used for its newly designed logo is the

same as the label”s founder Yves Saint Laurent had used for the opening of his first boutique store in Paris in 1966. The name Saint Laurent has also been inspired by its originally named, Saint Laurent Rive Gauche store. This new packaging speaks of a fresh start with a simplified and modern direction but still keeping its spirit and essence of the Yves Saint Laurent brand.

Paul Deneve, the CEO of Yves Saint Laurent has been quoted saying, “This change celebrates our legacy and heritage, while boldly marking our ambition for the future. It will allow us to return to the fundamentals of YSL and revive the spirit and the intentions that reigned over the creation of “Saint Laurent Rive Gauche” in 1966: principles of youth, freedom, and modernity.”

While change is always difficult, it may be necessary for the future growth of this label and there couldn”t have been a better choice than Hedi Slimane to  be the forefront of YSL”s evolution.

A classic Yves Saint Laurent ad from 1966 just because we love it:

by Mademoiselle X

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