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This Week’s #1 Girl: Namie Amuro

All you girls out there who were inspired by Namie Amuro at some point while growing up, please raise your hands. Just as many of you out there, Mademoiselle X remembers listening to Namie Amuro’s songs during the time she … Read more »


This Week’s #1 Girl: Cassie Ventura

Cassie Ventura is an American recording artist, model and actress of Filipino, African American, Mexican and West Indian ancestry. Most of us may remember Cassie for her #1 hit single, Me & U, the rumors that suggest that she is … Read more »


This Week’s #1 Girl: Denni Elias

Denni Elias is a Parisian stylist, model and blogger. Better known as ChicMuse of ChicMuse.com, she has modeled for American Apparel and been featured in Vogue  Germany and Nippon, Grazia, Glamour France, plus many more. Her striking dark hair and … Read more »



We’ve added four more FACES to our existing twelve! Germaine Ong, Jezy Lin, Melody Yoko Reilly and Miss X Fashion Priestess, Misha Janette! Misha, a fashion editor for columns/magazines like  The Japan Times, Vogue Girl and Numero Tokyo in Japan, … Read more »


This Week’s #1 Girl: Melody Yoko Reilly

Mademoiselle X, c’est moi, can hardly contain her excitement. Before I do Olympic-worthy triple back flips (in killer heels, no less) and shout out at the top of my voice about some really exciting news, here’s our sizzlin’ hot #1 … Read more »


This Week’s #1 Girl: Aimee Song

Following the recent write-up – The New Breed of “Celebrity”: Fashion Bloggers, this week’s #1 girl is Aimee Song of Song of Style. Just as fashion bloggers like Rumi, Jane and Carolina have been catapulted to blogging fame, Californian Aimee … Read more »


This Week’s #1 Girl(s): 2NE1, Kara & After School

While many fangirls are obsessed with Korean boy bands like Big Bang, 2 PM and Super Junior, the femmes of K-pop are the ones that have momentarily caught Mademoiselle X‘s fickle attention. With all eyes riveted on the world of … Read more »


This Week’s #1 Girl: Alice Dellal

Alice Dellal makes me want to shave half my hair off. Alice Dellal makes me want to get tattoos. Alice Dellal makes me want to wear ripped fishnet stockings. Alice makes me want to do all the things I probably … Read more »

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