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Bookshelf: Inside Fashion

Too often, the first thing that comes to mind when one speaks of fashion books are gigantic, glossy-paged tomes destined for adorning coffee tables. While these books are indeed beautiful to look at, they do create a sense that fashion … Read more »

Andy Warhol Looks Adoringly at Edie Sedgwick

I Was a Warhol Superstar

Models, singers and actresses come our way often enough, but a Warhol Superstar, now that takes something special. The following are just some ladies that formed a crucial female core of Andy Warhol’s Factory crowd and having been certified by … Read more »


Street Style: Blast from the Past

Even though street style photography is something that is most common these days, it does not mean we, young ‘uns, thought of it. Former teacher George Plemper shows off a stunning photographic record of life, made up of stunning portraits, … Read more »


Hedi Slimane: Made in Monochrome

Hedi Slimane may be a student of many trades from fashion to furniture design, but the Frenchman’s never flown far from his singular vision – one that shines a monochrome light on all that’s youthful, graceful and so darn sharp. … Read more »


The Girls Who Draw

Fashion and art enjoy the kind of intimate relationship that is usually only found between lovers, soul-mates and partners-in-crimes. While fashion has flirted and mingled with almost every art form – photography, film, music – it is with the simplest … Read more »


Roxy Music: Art on Sleeve

Probably one of the planet’s most fully realised art rock bands, Roxy Music marked the point when pop art migrated off of canvas and snaked its way into the pop/rock charts. Being art school students as much as pop fans, … Read more »


The He(ART) of Japan: Mika Ninagawa, Jessica Lichtenstein

While Japan is rich in culture with its existing traditions and presence of an intense urban environment, exposure to the West has heavily influenced Japanese artists like Mika Ninagawa, its art scene and audiences. Similarly, Western artists such as Jessica … Read more »


Genius: Linder Sterling

“In my view, Linder’s life is a docudrama, potent and therefore lethal. She is aware of the inevitable punishment for those who seek to kick against the enforced limitations of their lives and she is aware of the price you … Read more »

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