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Bookshelf: Inside Fashion

Too often, the first thing that comes to mind when one speaks of fashion books are gigantic, glossy-paged tomes destined for adorning coffee tables. While these books are indeed beautiful to look at, they do create a sense that fashion … Read more »


Screen Play: Oldie But Goodie

It is curious how deeply we can be inspired by fictional characters. On second thought, however, maybe not so curious – after all, they are often everything we wish to be and more. When it comes to fashion, film has … Read more »


Girl Power: The British Invasion

Commonly referring to the British musicians who became popular in the USA during the 1950s and 1960s, the term “British Invasion” can also be used to aptly describe the growing influence of British designers in Paris, which is both the … Read more »


Street Trends: Printed Matters

London is arguably the edgiest, most eccentric and colorful destination of fashion week season. It is the playground for the daring dressers who pushes the boundaries of what defines “good” style – this is why you go to for the … Read more »


Best of New York Fashion Week F/W 2012

It is fashion week season again (how time flies when you are having fun!). Thank goodness for the Internet, which allows us to play armchair traveler and traipse from one fashion capital to the next, in pursuit of the glorious … Read more »


Street Trends: A Furry Situation

Other than the uproar over using unhealthily skinny models, there are few issues in the fashion world that is more touchy than that of fur. Despite a long-standing feud with PETA, the love of this luxurious material seems to be … Read more »


Spring/Summer 2012 Campaigns: Sugar Rush

It may still be more than just chilly up north, but spring is certainly in the air – especially with all the Spring/Summer 2012 campaigns being unveiled every other day. Playing on youth for spring is hardly new, but this … Read more »


The Little Sisters In Fashion

While many want a bite of the luxury fashion pie, not so many can actually afford to do that. Luckily for those of us with less-than-deep pockets, the opportunity to stick our fingers into this covetable pie has expanded considerably … Read more »

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