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Screen Play: Oldie But Goodie

It is curious how deeply we can be inspired by fictional characters. On second thought, however, maybe not so curious – after all, they are often everything we wish to be and more. When it comes to fashion, film has … Read more »


Genius: Ana Matronic

“I was embraced more or less because I was fierce and am fierce and continue to be fierce.” – Ana Matronic She’s the sole female voice in the Scissor Sisters, but oh, what a voice! As the New York group’s … Read more »


The Kids Are All Right (And They Look It Too!)

For these kids, mom and pop may be rock royalty, but in their individual ways, they’re living up to and beyond those last names… and looking pretty darn good whilst doing it! Here’s the latest crop of rock star spawn … Read more »


The Many Ages of David Bowie

It’s been 65 years of David Bowie (as of the man’s birthday on 8 January) and hasn’t it been a ride? Whether you know him as the Starman, the Thin White Duke or well, the Goblin King, this is one … Read more »


The Blitz Kids: Style is All

If you thought the ’80s was but a kitsch, formless and aimless extension of the ’70s, one humble bar off London’s Covent Garden will have you think again. Well, not so humble, because the fabulous Blitz fed off eccentricity, flamboyance, … Read more »


Adele: Soul Sister

If there’s one single song that’s been occupying the airwaves since 2011 begun, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” definitely makes the cut – and more. It emerges out of 21, the London songstress’ sophomore, which hasn’t just won over legions … Read more »


Yé-yé: She Said Yeah

In a time before politics and postmodernism, pop was a sweet and innocent place to be. And none more pure and saccharine than in the world of the yé-yé girls. These were a loose group of female singers, including Francoise … Read more »


Genius: Uschi Obermaier

“We believed in fabulous fairy tales and so fairy tales were what we experienced.” – Uschi Obermaier Be it sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll or the revolution, Uschi Obermaier was never the kind of girl to shy away from the … Read more »

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