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K-Pop Goes The World

It’s young, effusive, catchy and absolutely captivating. And well, that can only make for great pop. So it’s no big surprise why K-pop has so swiftly and effectively swept the world in the few short years it’s been around. Quite … Read more »

Andy Warhol Looks Adoringly at Edie Sedgwick

I Was a Warhol Superstar

Models, singers and actresses come our way often enough, but a Warhol Superstar, now that takes something special. The following are just some ladies that formed a crucial female core of Andy Warhol’s Factory crowd and having been certified by … Read more »


Genius: Karen O

“There’s no detachment when I’m up there. I don’t allow myself the distance. I’m fully putting myself out there for the people and for the sake of trying to lure them into the experience.” – Karen O No one needs … Read more »


Florence & The Machine: Sound and Style

Anyone who’s heard or seen Florence Welch in action can’t deny that the girl belongs in the limelight. Hers is a voice, style and presence that, unless you’re made of brick, definitely can’t go unnoticed. For one, our Flo was … Read more »


Cinema’s Anti-Heroines: When Girls Bite

Cinema is already replete with blonde-haired, blue-eyed heroines that happen to be popular, pretty and just plain perfect, but hey, let’s not forget the girls hidden at the back row or in the corner. Yes, we’re talking about the Juno … Read more »


Genius: Faye Wong

“Being restless is almost a universal human condition. You agitate to reach a certain kind of status quo. Once you achieve that, you agitate to change again. It’s a never-ending process.” – Faye Wong Faye Wong is undoubtedly one of … Read more »


Breathless: Style is Everything

The Cannes Film Festival in 1959 saw the injection of a new breed of French filmmakers and their films that would herald an all-new cinematic movement. Yes, the French New Wave (aka nouvelle vague) had arrived and was here to … Read more »


This Week’s #1 Girl: Namie Amuro

All you girls out there who were inspired by Namie Amuro at some point while growing up, please raise your hands. Just as many of you out there, Mademoiselle X remembers listening to Namie Amuro’s songs during the time she … Read more »

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