In Tokyo for Reebok Classics Party with Verbal and Swizz Beatz!

I had an incredible 10 days in Tokyo! I went there (my recent second home as some of you who frequents our blog may know) to prep for the launch party of Reebok Classics’ Asia Pac Reethym of Lite campaign. Thierry, lotte love, my buddies Leo, Nicole and Hiro all came to Tokyo to give me moral support (and of course to party too)! We kicked off the event with a regional dinner welcoming guests who flew around the world for the party, and I met the lovely DJ Mafia from Sneaker Freaker along with super chic fashionistas/fashionistos from around the world such as Dan from Freshness (who very much enjoys poking fun of Thierry’s Kewpie obsession!), Sam Lee from HK, DJ Xu from LAPSAP, David from Highsnobiety, Ed from Hypebeast, ma poulette Miranda from Juice/Hanger, Reta from MSN Malaysia, friends from Modern Weekly, 1626, Easy, Milk, WGSN…! Thank you for the shout out on your G-Shock blog Mafia! The next day was our big day. I had butterflies all day, and it was definitely worth the stress because the event was EPIC! Trippple Nippples flew all the way from Europe to perform at the thousand-people music-fest style party, and the gorgeous Mademoiselle Yulia was up next. Verbal drove the audience wild with his performance with m-flo partner Taku (who REALLY makes me dance like a crazy woman), and together they debuted their first song from their upcoming album, also produced specially for Reebok Classics called The Run. A mysterious cat-suit artist performed The Run together with m-flo wearing a gorgeous Reebok shoe-mask created by Japanese designer Garter (I want). Swizz Beatz then came on and…it’s difficult to describe, I might have blacked out from very vigorous body movements (sans alcool), but it involved mindblowing tunes, Swizz’s clothes coming off, fans screaming uncontrollably, Swizz diving into the crowds, Swizz’s mouth getting closer and closer and rapping louder and louder into the microphone, me jumping like a maniac and stepping on a lot of people’s feet. That should sum up how sensational it was…and that lasted a whole hour. I didn’t want him to leave the stage. After the party, we hosted an afterparty at Le Baron to celebrate Swizz Beatz and Verbal’s birthdays (the Virgos!). That involved a lot of bubblies passed around and sprayed into the crowds…

I drank gallons of Vitamin Water the next day and thankfully that helped me recuperate the next day for a small window of time for…SHOPPINGGGGG!

Another post coming on more fantastic shops I found in Tokyo!

Photo courtesy: the very fierce Dan Bailey, and Mafia

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