Furla Candy Brissima Tour – Hong Kong Launch

I was invited to witness  Furla’s Candy Brissima Tour in Hong Kong’s IFC. Hungover from the Alexander Wang party the night before, I brave the afternoon sun with a pair of happy sunglasses.

I am in love with the new concept! Furla used the oh-so-popular Candy Boston bag as a base  and invited creatives from all around the world to get their hands dirty. During the event, we get to see customization performances by ladies in lab coats assembling bits and parts into whimsical concoctions. They’ve also invited a few celebrities to come up with their own designs on stage.

Aren’t these bags adorable? I’d love to make my own.

In celebration of the tour, Furla designed 4 special edition versions and are now available in-store. My favourite is the 2nd to the left, muted gray that looks a bit like concrete.

My outfit of the day: Opening Ceremony tassel dress, Furla sparkle Candy bag, Balenciaga heels and Commes des Garcon shades

I think all of these women are morning people. Happily disguising my eye bags with these reflective sunnies.

Group snap time! Per usual, I’m awkward.

:: lotte love ::


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