Peekaboo with Fendi

It was such a pleasure to have my very own private tour to Fendi’s The Whispered Italian Grand Tour Exhibition at The Landmark Atrium last Thursday. Inspired by a book jointly published by Fendi and Electra celebrating Italian craftsmanship and culture, the exhibition brings the volume to life in 9 different craft items.  Not a lot of people know about this, but I spent my first year of university in Florence and of course, walking through this exhibit stirred up memories of my time in Italy.

lotte love wearing  – Fendi SS12 diamond cut-out and fur A-line dress, Hermes mini yellow clutch and Beverly Feldman red peep-toes  (above)

Ugh, our only group photo is blurry :(
Ing wearing – Fendi sparkle dress, Fendi baguette clutch and Fendi shoes

The Fendi Maserati Selleria – even the seats have Fendi’s iconic monogramme on it!

The Fendi Selleria Abici Bicycle with goat fur and leather. What a ride!

Nonino Italian grappa served at the party in shot glasses

Every gentleman should own a good umbrella, this Mario Talarico & Co handmade version is a prime example

The stitchwork to these fur handiworks are mind boggling

One of my most vivid memories from Venice, Italian hand-blown Goti glass, this one is from “The City of Glass” Murano

Serenaded by a live Jazz Band

Even the tiramisu has FF logos on it! How thoughtful!

Craftsman whipping out leather trinkets

Last but not least, the book that inspired it all – An alphabetically ordered The Whispered Guide of Craftsmanship

Exhibition open to public from June 21st to 28th at  The Landmark Atrium

:: lotte love ::

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