*Laneway Festival*


Sorry for my long absence. I have been kind of all over the place recently… Finally calming down a little if you know what I mean..?!

So yesterday was the Laneway Festival. I assume a lot of you in singapore went to this awesome event. Which acts were your favorite??

Mine were definitely M83… it was just pure perfection and genius and ecstasy!

I actually went to shoot for a jewelry brand from Bali, so it was first work, then play :)

The pictures turned out to be pretty amazing but I will show you those when they are ready!

Here are some that I took myself…



Lost & Found

From my week in Amsterdam in october.

Damn I miss it so much.

Our lovely hotel Entrance

Wayne at the organic burger shop.

Dam Square

Zouk Representin

Trouw – Sick club!

Brothers….. NOT! :p


Take a Look at Me now

Do you like my new hair?


Bintan Island

2 weekends ago, I felt the urge to go on an adventure. Just needed to get out.

I am a very spontaneous person. So I decided to go somewhere I had never been before. But I only had 24 hours.

Bintan, was the perfect spot! Booked a room in a hotel and hopped on the ferry.

I usually prefer the company of friends. But quality “me” time is such a luxury, especially with the job that I have so it’s super nice to just relax and think about nothing in an environment like this : )


The November issue of JUICE nagazine.

Have you seen it yet?

It’s the ZOUKOUT issue go and grab a copy!

and I’m on the cover :P