hello all,

i know its been awhile since my last update.i finally finished the movie (the one i used to tell you guys about) last so happy and at the same time so sad to not be seeing the team again till god knows know when.i always hate to say good bye.i think its the toughest part of all :-( but anyways,when its out ill let you guys know so that you can check it out and perhaps give me some feedback.

OHHH!!! happy new year to you all.. i cant forget that and im sure its not to late.(better late than never)
I had a super fantastic new year.I was in and my friend were planning a trip to Spain,Venice,Florence,Rome

and we ended the trip in paris.the whole thing were amazing.
Can i tell you that renting a moped in Rome is never to forget if you ever find yourself there be sure to do so.

here are some photos i share with you.


first sun set in Venice


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