Ciao! Carte Blanche x

Helloooo! Carte Blanche x Here comes my first blog post! I’m very excited to be a part of such an inspiring website & to share with you all every bits of my life, my ‘passhion‘ passion for fashion, and my Carte Blanche X !

So, I’m currently working at Vogue Taiwan as a Fashion Editor/Style Hunter/Host for the online daily video blog- Vogue Style Hunters「時尚姐妹淘」(  I was born and raised in Taiwan, lived in Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, Milan, and now I’m based in my home country– city of TAIPEI.  I love traveling, I love food hunting, I love shopping, I love faaassssshion, I love anything that makes me happy! :)


2 Responses to Ciao! Carte Blanche x

  1. niasantos says:

    UHM! you’ve got nice passhion statement (el ELLEgantE:)! whaatta vid to watch for, over and over. Please upload on your stash and looks portion of this space. Thanks!

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