Birthday Wishlist

It’s almost my birfday!!!! Woo hoo!! And as much as I actually dislike celebrating my own birthday, I’ve had absolutely amazing birthdays so far! I think I just don’t like the pressure of birthdays plus now that I’m getting older,…23…, these birthdays are just whizzing by! Oh when I used to be a silly little teenager! Haha Considering it’s almost my birthday I’ve made a birthday wish list!!! After going over it I’ve realized that it’s more of an everyday wish list…but I’m going to call it my bday wish list for now!

Melody’s Birthday Wish List

1. A New Camera!
I want the new Sony TX10 purely for my holiday, & so I will be able to take great pictures underwater. I have the Canon S90 and really want the S95 but because I can’t take it underwater, the Sony won out…Maybe next year S95! ;-)

2. Wildfox – Bones Swimsuit

3. Linda Farrow x Veronique Branquinho – Sunglasses in Grey
The brown ones are really nice too. I like how the leather closes the shape and creates sunglasses that look like aviation goggles. All of the Linda Farrow collaboration sunglasses are pretty damn awesome.

4. Anything from Low Luv
Low Luv – Evil Eye Cuff, Evil Eye Bracelet

5. UNIF – Jesus Saves T-Shirt
(Last season but I still WANT it!)

6. Local Celebrity – La La Land T-shirt

7. Anything from Pamela Love
Pamela Love – Arrowhead Ring, Moon Cycle Ring

8. Now these have been on my wish list ever since I laid eyes on them. Sigh. They’re so beautiful.
Christian Louboutin – Red Diamond Heels

9. And these guys have been on my wish list ever since I had a wish list.
Puppies!!! Dogs!!! I want them all!!!
Look how adorable they are!!!

But I am really grateful for anything I am lucky enough to receive as a gift. I love my friends and family and it’s really the thought that counts.

And of course, there’s many more things that I want, but it’s just hard to list them all and this is just the easy stuff that I’ve laid eyes on recently or have been wanting for a while.

I hope you enjoyed my wish list! Tell
me what’s on yours!!


Meet me in outer space

So I am a BIG lover of space and stars and the universe. It’s just all so beautiful and infinite. There’s so many possibilities in the universe and I think it’s just magical because no one knows exactly how it (or we) came to be.

The fascination with the universe must come with all human beings. The warm summer nights always remind me of the long nights I’ve spent laying out under the stars and just thinking about life. While I have many fond memories, my ultimate memory is from when I was maybe 10 years old and went to visit my grandpa on his farm in Des Moines, Iowa.

Living in the city my whole life, I don’t think I had ever actually experienced the night sky in the way that some people get every night with no obscure city lights. My father wanted me to see the night sky in all it’s glory, so he drove me out in the middle of the night, to the middle of nowhere. While we were driving on the pitch black roads of the countryside, moths were attracted to the bright lights of the car and were flying straight into the headlights. I remember wanting to turn the lights off just so that they might have a few more days of life. Finally reached our destination in the fields, where we could hardly see any lights from the town. We stepped out of the car, wiped off remains of dead moths, and laid on the hood. The amount of stars I saw is indescribable. I had never imagined that the night sky could be so bright on its own. Thousands and thousands of stars made the night sky look almost white with just a little bit of black showing through. As we laid on the hood of the car, I never felt so small and so alive at the same time.

The universe held unlimited possibilities for life, love, and discovery. The Milky Way was so clear I swear I could have reached out and touched every star in the sky. It was the most beautiful and magical thing I have ever seen and I have not seen a night sky that perfect since.

Christopher Kane Resort Collection SS 2011

Christopher Kane Resort Collection SS 2011

Dr. Martins

Motel – Cosmic Sweetheart Dress

Jeffrey Campbell – Lita Heels in Cosmic

The beauty of the universe gives us the inspiration to create beautiful things in our life.

I love that fashion has not denied that presence, especially with the stunning collection by Christopher Kane and the new release of the beautiful Cosmic Lita Heels by Jeffery Campbell (which I WANT!).

I hope that you find the beauty in your own life and make things happen for yourself. The universe works in mysterious ways.


School’s out for the summer

Heya! So I JUST finished taking my last final exam for the summer semester!!! Which means…I’m officially on summer vacation!!!!! And only 5 more days until my summer trip!!! The days are ticking away! It was the first time for me to take a summer semester and it’s a full semester packed into 2 months. The classes are longer, but are totally doable if you only take a few. I think if you tried a full semester you would die. The beginning of the semester wasn’t bad because I was trying really hard in all of my classes but by the middle to end it was getting tough because the weather was getting nicer and all I wanted to do was go on trips and to the pool and lounge around. haha

I actually thought that it was already Wednesday and I had finished school! Which means I forgot about my test entirely! Lol

Well you gotta do what you gotta do right? Fully balancing school and work this year has been interesting and I’ve only got a little left to go until I’m free (for a while)! ;-)


Step into my room, but knock before you enter

Recently SWEET Interior Magazine did a little spread on my room. They came and took a bunch of pictures of my room and all of my stuff. It was the first time that I had a photo shoot in my room, sooooo there was some major cleaning that had to be done before they came over!

I love my walk-in closet! And now I’m sure that I can’t move anywhere with a small closet. So while they were shooting they were asking me questions about my room and I guess the best way to describe it is joyfully eclectic. I have a lot of different things in my room and I like to think of it as a collection of my travels because a lot of the stuff I have I get on my trips abroad. I really wish I could be minimal, it would be so much easier to keep clean, but that’s just not me. I also like to make a lot of the stuff in my room. A creative type if you might say.

Some of the things I love in my room:
-Doggy (my stuffed animal, he’s so old!)
-Abstract painting representing Japan and Bali (From Bali)
-Claudia, painting of the girl (From Bali)
-Candles (A collection from all over)
-Batman bucket (From Japan)
-Evil Eye charm (From Turkey)
-Stingray stained glass (From Hawaii)
-Pictures of all of my loved ones ♥

It was a different but fun shoot and I wanted to share it with you so that you could get a look into the place that’s all me.

Step into my room, but knock before you enter

But they forgot 1 important detail that isn’t in my room!

My shoe closets!! I LOVE SHOES!!!!

My shoe closets are messy but I’ve just got so many shoes! I try to get rid of my old ones but there are just some that I absolutely love and can’t let go. Sigh, shoes are my weakness! hehe

What are your favorite things in your room??



These past few weeks have been absolutely insane! I have been either working, in meetings, writing papers, or studying for my final exams! And I can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks…

I am planning on going on a 2 week holiday at the end of the month so everything that I need to do has been piling up before I leave. But you’ve gotta work hard to play harder right??

I am so looking forward to this vacation! Can you guess where I’m going? If you guys can wait 1 week with me, I’ll let you know then!

I have one more final exam on Tuesday and then I’m on summer vacation! I hope I get good grades again this semester. Going back to school is rough, especially in the summer when all you want to do is hang out at the beach or by the pool.

The jobs I’ve been doing recently are really fun! Not to say that all of my jobs aren’t fun, but it’s been great shoots for ads, catalogs, web, tv, and magazines that have all really fit my personality and style! It’s a great feeling to find joy in your work. As a model you are sometimes used as a prop for clothes, make-up, accessories, etc. And of course that’s the job of a model! Although I’ve been busy with work, I am very happy with the work that I’ve been doing!! I think birthday month’s are just everyone’s time to shine and being a July baby, I think it’s just my special month.

Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to the past 2 weeks~*

































I hope you’re having a great Sunday!!



Your soulful voice will live on forever.

Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse.


Hey y’all! How’s you’re week? Not to worry because it’s…….FRIDAY! Woo~

Today is actually my day off so I have been relaxing around the house and doing some errands. I had a good and busy week and was happy to sleep in this morning. Ahh the joy of the little things.

Last night I finally went and saw The Hangover 2 with my friend Saki. I liked it better than the first one. It was really funny and totally totally insane!!! But at the same time (as long as I don’t get drugged), it totally makes me want to travel to Thailand! Can you believe that I have never been?? It’s on my list of places in Asia! I have to start traveling more. If only flights from Tokyo weren’t so expensive!!!

Well tonight is Friday, and it’s fashion party season, so here’s what’s on the menu for tonight~

Speaking of…..I’ve gotta go get ready!!!!

I hope you have a great Friday night!!!


I will leave you with some of my favorite tunes right now! (I’m playing them on repeat!)

Gotta love Beyonce and Nicki!!!



Hong Kong Express

So whenever I have a free weekend I’ve been popping over to Hong Kong for a weekend getaway! It was my boyfriend’s birthday on Tuesday so I organized a surprise birthday party for him on Friday night. He was totally surprised!! And very happy to see all of his friends at dinner.

After dinner we hit the town and danced the night away!!!

This is my outfit for the night and I love this GRIAO dress! It’s a gorgeous design by my friend Walter Griao~

I have a few pieces from his collection and they fit beautifully and look absolutely amazing on! Check out his FB page GRIAO

Hong Kong is such a fun city and I’m just starting to explore it! I can’t wait to go again and to more places all around Asia! Gotta start racking up those miles! ;-)

And of course, I hope to see you all too!!!


I’ve been a busy girl

Hey everyone!!

How was your weekend? Can you believe the week starts again already?

Soooo, last Wednesday we had a girls night of fashion party hoping! haha We hit up 3 fashion parties in one night and it was a blast! It’s always fun when you can stroll into a party with a group of super hot girls!

1st stop: RAY BAN Polarized Party @ Ebisu Liquidroom

So much fun! The beautiful girls I am with are, Kelley, Iris, Mai and Liv~

My girl Mai just got married and her hubby also came to the party! They are so so so cute together! Love them!

I love RAY BAN so this party was great! They had awesome viewing areas where you could check out all of the new collection and also test out the difference between normal sunglasses and polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses make such a difference and being a total beach bum and sun worshiper I think the best thing I can do is to thoroughly protect my eyes! (And skin!)

Can’t wait for the new collection and how do you like my choice? Do you like the white RAY BAN sunglasses? I love the classic cat eye shape!

Ok so on to…

2nd stop: SWAROVSKI x HELLO KITTY Party @ Omotesando Hills

hehe suntanned Kitty was my fav~

I ran into so many friends! Mary and world famous photographer Leslie Kee~

This is the illustrator of the original Hello Kitty character! She even kind of looks like Hello Kitty!

Growing up with Hello Kitty and a love for everything Sanrio, this SWAROVSKI x HELLO KITTY was so much fun! It’s hard to believe that the Hello Kitty I knew when I was younger is now this worldwide character and is collaborating with such high end brands. Hello Kitty is everywhere!

As soon as you arrived they gave you a Hello Kitty red bow. A headband for women and a necktie for men. It was really cute to see all of the party guest with big bright red bow on to complete their party outfits. The party venue was gorgeously decked out in Hello Kitty and Swarovski. The chandelier was breathtaking! The little pieces on it where Hello Kitty. Oh and there was a UFO catcher…! Everyone was able to keep trying until they won a SWAROVSKI x HELLO KITTY stuffed animal. I felt like a little kid again but drinking champagne! haha

To top it off I was able to wear one of my favorite pair of heels, my Cinderella heels by Dolce and Gabbana! Unfortunately they are not made of glass, but they are clear and can see all of my toes! Which means you definitely need a pedicure before you put these bad girls on! hehe

Another great party with my girls!

Last stop…

3rd stop: SHOES TALK Party Supported by Shoes Of Prey @ Velours Minami-Aoyama

Sorry I don’t have any pictures from the party but we went to show off our heels and support Mai’s DJ set! We danced! A lot!

And that was the end of our girls night fashion party hoping Wednesday night! And what a great night it was!!!

Needless to say, I’ve been a busy girl~


Ding Dong…Hello World!

My first blog post on Carte Blanche X! Oh I’m so excited to start! Now where to start…??

Well, Hello everyone!!

I’m Melody and I am half-Japanese half-American girl born and raised in Redondo Beach, California. I am 22 years old (but my birthday is this month so not for long), and am currently working as a model and TV host in Tokyo, Japan. As this is one of my first blogs in my native English, I am very excited to start writing.

I hope that I can share with you my world and thoughts and ideas and most of all my love.

This is the first of many posts I hope to write so please stayed tuned!