Hong Kong Express

So whenever I have a free weekend I’ve been popping over to Hong Kong for a weekend getaway! It was my boyfriend’s birthday on Tuesday so I organized a surprise birthday party for him on Friday night. He was totally surprised!! And very happy to see all of his friends at dinner.

After dinner we hit the town and danced the night away!!!

This is my outfit for the night and I love this GRIAO dress! It’s a gorgeous design by my friend Walter Griao~

I have a few pieces from his collection and they fit beautifully and look absolutely amazing on! Check out his FB page GRIAO

Hong Kong is such a fun city and I’m just starting to explore it! I can’t wait to go again and to more places all around Asia! Gotta start racking up those miles! ;-)

And of course, I hope to see you all too!!!


2 Responses to Hong Kong Express

  1. Glendashley says:

    Omg melody! I miss hong kong to bits!
    Tell me about it! Hong kong is such an AMAZING place to be at.
    The night life there is incredulous!
    The skyline is too beautiful! Glad you had fun(:


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