School’s out for the summer

Heya! So I JUST finished taking my last final exam for the summer semester!!! Which means…I’m officially on summer vacation!!!!! And only 5 more days until my summer trip!!! The days are ticking away! It was the first time for me to take a summer semester and it’s a full semester packed into 2 months. The classes are longer, but are totally doable if you only take a few. I think if you tried a full semester you would die. The beginning of the semester wasn’t bad because I was trying really hard in all of my classes but by the middle to end it was getting tough because the weather was getting nicer and all I wanted to do was go on trips and to the pool and lounge around. haha

I actually thought that it was already Wednesday and I had finished school! Which means I forgot about my test entirely! Lol

Well you gotta do what you gotta do right? Fully balancing school and work this year has been interesting and I’ve only got a little left to go until I’m free (for a while)! ;-)