Meet me in outer space

So I am a BIG lover of space and stars and the universe. It’s just all so beautiful and infinite. There’s so many possibilities in the universe and I think it’s just magical because no one knows exactly how it (or we) came to be.

The fascination with the universe must come with all human beings. The warm summer nights always remind me of the long nights I’ve spent laying out under the stars and just thinking about life. While I have many fond memories, my ultimate memory is from when I was maybe 10 years old and went to visit my grandpa on his farm in Des Moines, Iowa.

Living in the city my whole life, I don’t think I had ever actually experienced the night sky in the way that some people get every night with no obscure city lights. My father wanted me to see the night sky in all it’s glory, so he drove me out in the middle of the night, to the middle of nowhere. While we were driving on the pitch black roads of the countryside, moths were attracted to the bright lights of the car and were flying straight into the headlights. I remember wanting to turn the lights off just so that they might have a few more days of life. Finally reached our destination in the fields, where we could hardly see any lights from the town. We stepped out of the car, wiped off remains of dead moths, and laid on the hood. The amount of stars I saw is indescribable. I had never imagined that the night sky could be so bright on its own. Thousands and thousands of stars made the night sky look almost white with just a little bit of black showing through. As we laid on the hood of the car, I never felt so small and so alive at the same time.

The universe held unlimited possibilities for life, love, and discovery. The Milky Way was so clear I swear I could have reached out and touched every star in the sky. It was the most beautiful and magical thing I have ever seen and I have not seen a night sky that perfect since.

Christopher Kane Resort Collection SS 2011

Christopher Kane Resort Collection SS 2011

Dr. Martins

Motel – Cosmic Sweetheart Dress

Jeffrey Campbell – Lita Heels in Cosmic

The beauty of the universe gives us the inspiration to create beautiful things in our life.

I love that fashion has not denied that presence, especially with the stunning collection by Christopher Kane and the new release of the beautiful Cosmic Lita Heels by Jeffery Campbell (which I WANT!).

I hope that you find the beauty in your own life and make things happen for yourself. The universe works in mysterious ways.