Birthday Wishlist

It’s almost my birfday!!!! Woo hoo!! And as much as I actually dislike celebrating my own birthday, I’ve had absolutely amazing birthdays so far! I think I just don’t like the pressure of birthdays plus now that I’m getting older,…23…, these birthdays are just whizzing by! Oh when I used to be a silly little teenager! Haha Considering it’s almost my birthday I’ve made a birthday wish list!!! After going over it I’ve realized that it’s more of an everyday wish list…but I’m going to call it my bday wish list for now!

Melody’s Birthday Wish List

1. A New Camera!
I want the new Sony TX10 purely for my holiday, & so I will be able to take great pictures underwater. I have the Canon S90 and really want the S95 but because I can’t take it underwater, the Sony won out…Maybe next year S95! ;-)

2. Wildfox – Bones Swimsuit

3. Linda Farrow x Veronique Branquinho – Sunglasses in Grey
The brown ones are really nice too. I like how the leather closes the shape and creates sunglasses that look like aviation goggles. All of the Linda Farrow collaboration sunglasses are pretty damn awesome.

4. Anything from Low Luv
Low Luv – Evil Eye Cuff, Evil Eye Bracelet

5. UNIF – Jesus Saves T-Shirt
(Last season but I still WANT it!)

6. Local Celebrity – La La Land T-shirt

7. Anything from Pamela Love
Pamela Love – Arrowhead Ring, Moon Cycle Ring

8. Now these have been on my wish list ever since I laid eyes on them. Sigh. They’re so beautiful.
Christian Louboutin – Red Diamond Heels

9. And these guys have been on my wish list ever since I had a wish list.
Puppies!!! Dogs!!! I want them all!!!
Look how adorable they are!!!

But I am really grateful for anything I am lucky enough to receive as a gift. I love my friends and family and it’s really the thought that counts.

And of course, there’s many more things that I want, but it’s just hard to list them all and this is just the easy stuff that I’ve laid eyes on recently or have been wanting for a while.

I hope you enjoyed my wish list! Tell
me what’s on yours!!


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