I’ve been waiting for you

My summer vacation has started!! Were you able to guess where I might be going this summer??
The day after my birthday I hopped on a plane and started a long 4 legged journey to The Greek Isles. I have been dreaming about coming here for so long. I’ve only heard wonders of the blue on white color scheme, the absolutely beautiful beaches, the clear ocean water, and the delicious food!

We arrived in Mykonos at night so I was a little disappointed I couldn’t see more of the island. But as soon as the sun started shining I was so excited I jumped out of bed and opened the balcony doors of our little hotel room to see the sun rising on the beautiful town of Mykonos and the Aegean Sea!!! I was in heaven!

The view from our hotel room

Relaxing on Elia Beach

Mykonos sunset from Little Venice in Mykonos Town

Standing over Mykonos Town!

The best part is that my vacation has just started and although today is our last day in Mykonos, we are about to hop on the ferry to take us to Santorini for 6 days!!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful summer so far!!!

Sending you lots of love from Greece!!


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