It’s that time again! My FALL GIVEAWAY!!! This time I want to share with you some of my new favorite beauty loves!

If you would like to enter make sure to go to my YouTube and leave a comment on this video!!


8 Responses to New Beauty Loves! + FALL BEAUTY GIVEAWAY!

  1. niasantos says:

    Love that smashbox primer! been using that for months. Melody, you are so young yet seems so fulfilled… Goodluck in all your endeavors! Glad that you are part of CarteBlancheX faces.

    Like your blogs! :)

  2. Tan Kiat Yin Kitty says:

    I like your recommendations fabulous especially origins cream. I try it out got the origins lip balm a bit heat on lip. But a pity Singapore don’t have smashbox n Laura mercier. Enjoy yr blogs (^∇^)

    • Melody says:

      Thank you!!!! I really like all of the Origins skincare! I haven’t tried the lip balm but it sounds nice. I know I’m sad that they don’t sell Smashbox in Japan anymore either…Maybe you can find Laura and Smashbox online?? Xx

  3. stephclaudia says:

    I want to try the primer!! It seemed so rave about by makeup artists!! ^.^ I was sorta hoping that the giveaway was the oh lola by marc jacobs but its ok..I am going to be getting that myself!

    Thanks for sharing the same love for Origins products. ^.^

    • Melody says:

      Hehe I like Oh, Lola perfume! Maybe next giveaway! ;) The primer is definitely my number one recommendation! For professionals and for everyday use! I really like it! Thanks for your comment!! Xx

  4. april says:

    hey melody! would love to know where you got that pretty ring that has 2 rings attached together by a chain! it looks absolutely lovely! :) love your video too! :)

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