GIZA S/S 2012

I went to check out GIZA S/S 2012, which is designed by Mademoiselle Yulia. Known for her DJing, awesome fashion style and not to mention her blue hair, GIZA jewelry is gorgeously crafted for fashion lovers. The bold pieces of GIZA as well as the S/S 2012 collection has an essence of Egypt and reminds me of jewelry Cleopatra would wear. The deep rich hues of the Egyptian pieces are contrasted with the pop funky style of dinosaurs and unicorns on big gold chains. It was so much fun just looking at the variety in her collection that I instantly fell in love with both the rich and funky pieces.

with Mademoiselle Yulia and Mai-chan! Thank you Yulia!!!

Can’t wait to wear my new GIZA jewelry!!!

GIZA is definitely making it’s way to Asia so keep an eye out for the fresh new designs by Mademoiselle Yulia!!



4 Responses to GIZA S/S 2012

  1. cassie says:

    lovely jewelry! what camera did you use to take these shots? the color of the jewels were rich

  2. jess says:

    hi i live in australia and would love some of Mademoiselle Yulia’s giza collection, where can i buy it online

    • Melody says:

      Hi Jess. I’m not sure where you can buy it online as her official website is “coming soon”. Sorry I couldn’t help you. If I find out any information I will let you know. Thanks for your comment! Xx

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