Yesterday I met up with fellow Carte Blanche X girls Arissa and Wendy (who are visiting Tokyo Yay!), Tokyo blogger Mai-chan, and a few more friends and we went to an awesome private sale with brands like Anne Demuelemeester, Dries Van Noten, Nina Ricci, Rick Owens, Sacai, Sacai Luck, and Superfine. It was a madhouse but so worth it.

Check out the pic!

Since I couldn’t resist all of this fashion treasure, I decided that it would be an early Christmas present to myself and ended up purchasing my first Rick Owens jacket and Anne Demuelemeester dress and top. I am so excited about my R.O. jacket as I probably would of had to save a long time to get one at retail value.

After the sale my friend Hiroko from Pred PR took us to the Rick Owens store in Aoyama to check out “Rickzilla”. What is “Rickzilla” you ask? Well let me show you…

It is a huge Godzilla inspired wax figure of Rick Owens, hair and all…

I was actually quite disgusted by Rickzilla, but I think that was the purpose. It is a big (expensive) joke by Rick. There are actually only 3 in the world and are travelling around the Rick Owens stores. The other 2 are of a realistic Rick Owens and a peeing Rick Owens.

Besides Rickzilla at the store in Tokyo, the staff informed us that it was Rick Owens’ birthday! Can you believe he is 50 years old!? So they were serving champagne and in the spirit of birthdays, I had a glass at 3 in the afternoon, which was actually the first thing I had to eat all day because I was busy.

Rick Owens M&Ms not for sale ;)

Yesterday turned into a a great day for fashion, shopping, and my closet!

Rick Owens jacket :: Mink Pink leather shorts

Happy Birthday Rickzilla! I mean Rick Owens!!! Thank you for my beautiful jacket!!!




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