New TV Program “Kawaii International” introduces Kawaii Culture and Fashion to the World

Hey Everyone!

Today is the start of my new TV show, “Kawaii International”. I will be co-hosting the show which will be introducing the best of Kawaii Culture and Fashion in Japan and around the world. I’m really excited to be doing a program in English and to showcase “Kawaii” to everyone all around the world.

The best part is that it is a program in English and can be seen from anywhere by live streaming online from NHK World TV!!!

Program: Kawaii International

Streaming dates: Feb. 19, Sun. 1:10/ 5:10/ 9:10/13:10/ 17:10/ 22:10 (UTC=London Time)

Feb. 19, Sun. 14:10/ 18:10/ 22:10/ & Feb. 20, Mon. 2:10/ 7:10 (JTC=Japan Time)


Co-hosting with fellow C.B.X. girl, Misha Janette!

We love KAWAII!!!

Along with Kawaii.i you can get live chats and news updates about the show.

Stay Kawaii!!! And Please make sure to watch “Kawaii International”!!!


5 Responses to New TV Program “Kawaii International” introduces Kawaii Culture and Fashion to the World

  1. Mariana says:

    I watched yesterday and it was really cool and interesting, I love it =D
    I want to know the name of the style of the girl who is wearing the headphone =3
    Can you tell me please?
    Thanks! ^-^

  2. Mary Claire says:

    Hi Melody-neesan! I’m Mary of Philippines. I’m in Dubai right now though. I was able to watch Kawaii International before I started my homeworks. It was not on purpose when I had change my channel to NHK World. It was as if trying to trick myself from getting drown of stress with school works. I am so obsessed with Japanese not to mention ‘kawaii’, fashion and pop music and when I had my eyes fixed on TV just as the program started it was like I was in heaven for the moment there. I didn’t really took an eye off from it even that I have books on my hands. You were so great too!! This program just started, right? I’m kinda a newbie in this channel and I’m so happy to found out that I have something to start off to and won’t feel like a little bit left out with the programs since I like it better if I start from the beginning. I would really find time not to miss an episode too because this is really interesting! Well this is getting longer~ Otsukaresama deshita! please keep up the good work!

  3. Pham Thi Hoai Nam says:

    thanks for coming Vietnam.”kawaii international” is amazing .i’m interested in kawaii’s fashion . it’s so cute and beautiful.I expect to see “Kawaii international” in Vietnam and thank Melody for your advise to me.^^

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