Tokyo Adventure: Ebisu Yokocho

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I last updated…sorry about that. I’ve been traveling around but finally have my feet back on the ground in Tokyo, for the time being. ;)

Living in a city for six years gives you some confidence that you’ve explore all that you need to explore. However, Tokyo is not that kind of city and I think it would take over a lifetime maybe two to even be able to see all the gems this it’s has to offer. Recently, two lovely ladies from Hong Kong were visiting and gave me a taste of Tokyo medicine. Fellow X-girl Ingrid and the lovely Anne told me to meet them for dinner at Ebisu Yokocho right near Ebisu station. Thinking it was a nice restaurant that I had yet to try, I made my way over and was in for a big surprise. Once I couldn’t find the “restaurant”, I found the address and went into the building. I was completely surprise to find so many little food stall restaurants hidden in this one building. It was so packed with people and smelled of delicious food that I couldn’t believe I had a.) never been there, b.) never heard about it, c.) never found it! I found the girls at one stall that had great sushi for a great price. We got our full and moved to the next stall of our choice. This is definitely a place that you can move from stall to stall and try out all of the interesting food Japan has to offer!

Here’s our Round 2!:

Girl’s Night with Ingrid (love the new headband!) & Anne
Crunchy salad
Buttered mushrooms
Crab brains
Round 3
Bean sprouts and pork on a hot plate
Fried chicken
With mayonnaise
Round 2 = so full!

We ended up staying and restaurant hoping until 2:30am eating all different kinds of food and sushi and drinking Japanese sake and beer. It was such a fun night, time passed so quickly!

Can’t wait for these girls to come back to Tokyo! Always love spending time with them!!

If you ever come to Tokyo and want to try a fun, raw, subcultural experience, I definitely recommend Ebisu Yokocho. Challenge yourself with the language, food, drink, and just enjoy life and try making friends!!