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Bring on the Heat

It’s here! It’s finally here!!! Hot weather, beach chilling, ocean cruising, and lots of time to relax, my favorite season of the year, SUMMER!! Turn up the heat with my no. 1 products for summer!

~Protect Yourself~

Chanel Sublimage La Protection UV SPF 30/PA++

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 – Oil Free

Blistex Five Star Lip Protection SPF 30

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 55

~Hair Banger~

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist

~Squeeky Clean~

C.O. Bigelow Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

~Hot Bod~

Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream

For my summer make-up you can check out my YouTube Channel ( for a great “Easy Day-to-Night Summer Look in less than 20 minutes” make-up tutorial using some of my favorite beauty products!



☆ 2 0 1 3 ☆


Hi everyone!!! I know it’s been a while. How are you?? I’ve missed you all!!




Love you!!!,

mexibeads are happi-beads

Mexibead heels by Christian Louboutin
Sometimes wonderful people discover wonderful treasures like these beautiful hand-beaded “Mexibead” heels by Christian Louboutin.

I fall in love once more. The beautiful detailing of these heels, the rainbow of colors, they are a dreamer’s dream.

I think I’ll choose to never take these heels off. Ah thank-you-very-much.

Xx, Melody

I want to be your next ROXY GIRL!! ❤

Hello Everyone!!! ♡

I recently entered ROXY’s Let The Sea Set You Free contest and have made it to the second round!!

Voting has STARTED!! Please cast your VOTE for me to be your next ROXY GIRL!!! Vote once a day, everyday from June 1-12!!

With your help I hope I can represent Asia Pacific in the next ROXY Campaign!!!

To vote for me please go to this URL, sign in with Facebook, and press the orange “VOTE” button:





To vote for me please go to this URL, sign in with Facebook, and press the orange “VOTE” button:

Post this to your facebook, blog, twitter, youtube, anything and anywhere to SHARE with your friends & family to help me reach the TOP 10 FINALISTS!!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support!! Together we can make my dreams come true!!!


Spring Favorites Video! Plus a Surprise!!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while but I’m back to give you all of my new favorite items that I’ve found over the past few months!

Here are the brands I mentioned:
La Mer –
Charlene K –
Tom Ford
Sephora Eyeshadow in Meteor Shower –
Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette
Roberto Cavalli Parfum
SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
Princess Polly –
Miu Miu Flower Bracelet

I hope you enjoyed it! And don’t forget to leave a comment on the youtube video page for your chance to win “Melody’s Spring Giveaway!”.

The closing date is April 06, 2012 so don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win!!!

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Thanks for watching! And Good Luck!!

Melody’s News!
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And We All Come Tumbling Down – Photos by Ixchel Lara

“And We All Come Tumbling Down”

A magical night with amazing people.

Beautiful models Kimberly Ann and Becky Gavola.

All photos by the lovely and talented Ixchel Lara.

Check her out here →

A Girl’s Best Friend, R.I.P. Mickey

The only thing I ever wanted in my life as a child was a puppy. Especially one for Christmas. I remember writing Santa for four straight Christmases for a puppy. And I also remember disliking Santa every year he didn’t get me one. Ha

But it wasn’t Santa who brought Mickey into our lives, it was magical timing where all of my puppy-wanting pieces fell into place. On one fateful Sunday afternoon, I finally got to take home a puppy from the Sunday adoption pet shop.

My friends and I would make excuses to go every Sunday to restock on pet supplies while secretly hoping that my parents would see the light and want to adopt a puppy. There was a litter of puppies that we had met the Sunday before and fell in love with. When they were still there the next week, the next step would be to somehow convince my Dad that we needed a puppy. I think it was just pure luck that he actually agreed to come to the pet shop to check out the little puppies because he had been so reluctant the Sunday’s before.

Well, after our third trip that Sunday to the pet shop, my Dad found one that pulled at all of our heart strings and was adopted as a new member of the Reilly family. I finally had a little brother and would not be an only child. He was a big puppy and quite heavy, but I just remember hugging his little warm body and his soft fur and his cute sleepy face all the way home. He was all that I had been dreaming for.

We named him Mickey and he grew bigger and bigger every week. He was sweet and loving and wild and rambunctious. Barking all night so that we would come and be with him. I loved him very much and so did my friends and family. He ate one whole couch, pillows and all, so many pairs of shoes and sunglasses, remote controls, anything he could get his teeth on.

I loved when he would go into my room and take my stuffed animals and leave them around the house. As soon as you got home, he would be so shy, you would know what he had done.

All of the amazing memories I have shared with Mickey. But most of all I’m so happy and thankful to have had him in my life.

Rest in Peace Mickey.

You were the best little brother I could have asked for.



I will love you always. Xx

My Valentine’s Surprise!!!

I arrived home to find a note on my front door reading…


Which was very unusual since it was one day before Valentine’s Day, February 13th…

I proceeded into my apartment with caution because I thought surely this is for my roommate and her boyfriend came to surprise her. I opened the door into my apartment and there was a small bouquet of flowers in the entryway with candles lit all throughout the hallway, living room, kitchen, and powder room. Still a little unsure of who this Valentine’s Day Surprise was for, I slowly followed the carefully placed arrows and signs leading me to the living room. That’s when I realized, that this wasn’t for my roommate, but for me!! I couldn’t believe it. I was in complete utter shock. As I made my way through my apartment, I found little presents all along the way, but the best present of all was when I opened the door to my room and found my amazing boyfriend standing there.

This is the best Valentine’s Day I could have ever wished for and the best boyfriend in the whole world. I am so thankful and lucky to have him in my life. Thank you baby for making this the best Valentine’s Day ever!!



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I hope that you have a special day filled with love!

Remember Valentine’s Day is not only about receiving but giving. Make sure to Give your Love to all of those around you.

Sending you my Love on this Valentine’s Day, XOXO,

A Step Beyond, My Holiday Adventure in Bali

I spent my holidays in one of my most favorite places, Bali. This was my 3rd time to Bali and it was the first time to spend Christmas away from my family. Although I missed them very much, it was a very nice experience to celebrate a non-traditional Christmas on an island, in the sun. We rented a beautiful three-bedroom villa with a private pool near Seminyak called Villa Pearl. I had a total of 10 days and 11 nights in Bali and wished I never had to leave. I think I could live forever on an island, but I’ll just have to save that to look forward to in retirement. On Christmas day we drove towards the center of the island, to Ubud, to have a wonderful time with my boyfriend’s cousin and her family and a delicious japanese-style dinner. I love driving around Bali because there’s so many different people, places, sunsets, skies to see and so many beautiful religious temples and huge statues. We spent our most of our vacation lounging around on the beach, at our villa, in the pool, or just in bed. ♥