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I want to be your next ROXY GIRL!! ❤

Hello Everyone!!! ♡

I recently entered ROXY’s Let The Sea Set You Free contest and have made it to the second round!!

Voting has STARTED!! Please cast your VOTE for me to be your next ROXY GIRL!!! Vote once a day, everyday from June 1-12!!

With your help I hope I can represent Asia Pacific in the next ROXY Campaign!!!

To vote for me please go to this URL, sign in with Facebook, and press the orange “VOTE” button:





To vote for me please go to this URL, sign in with Facebook, and press the orange “VOTE” button:

Post this to your facebook, blog, twitter, youtube, anything and anywhere to SHARE with your friends & family to help me reach the TOP 10 FINALISTS!!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support!! Together we can make my dreams come true!!!


Not Sorry For Party Rocking ⚡ TPE

I was in TPE last month for an event and took a few extra days off to hang out in the city and see friends. I hadn’t been in 2 years and it was definitely “about time!”.

TOM FORD sunglasses, vintage t-shirt, Evil Twin sweater


20120508-154205.jpgHOME HOTEL


20120508-152212.jpgI had never been to Taipei 101 so I thought I foot the TOP!







20120508-152814.jpgMy girlfriend Kailin took me to a great restaurant and for some delicious frozen yogurt. Thanks babe!

20120508-152936.jpghey BB


Look who this beauty is! While in TPE fellow X-girl Rigel was there so we met up and got straight to business! Partying!! Haha

20120508-153456.jpgNot only did I get to hang out with Rigel, Geoffrey was there too! I hadn’t seen him since his last visit to Tokyo so it was great to all meet up in a different city!

20120508-153254.jpgI met so many amazing and beautiful girls in TPE! They definitely showed me a great first night in Taipei!



20120508-153754.jpgAs my luck would have it, LMFAO was having a show at LUXY one of the nights I was there and we got tickets!!! I saw them before in Tokyo and it was insane! And Taipei was no different. There was sooooo many people dancing and singing and partying!\


20120508-153739.jpgSea of heads

20120508-154228.jpgDIN TAI FUNG!! The best Truffle and Pork Xailongbao!

20120508-154124.jpgLast night with Elli DJing at Room 18!

20120508-154025.jpgMark met me in TPE too! Partying with Mark, my friend David, and Gosia!

In the DJ booth with Elli! Haha

It was an absolutely amazing trip! So much fun!!!!!

Thank you to all of my kickass friends who took me out and showed me around!! Love you all so much!

See you again Taipei!


Tokyo Adventure: Ebisu Yokocho

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I last updated…sorry about that. I’ve been traveling around but finally have my feet back on the ground in Tokyo, for the time being. ;)

Living in a city for six years gives you some confidence that you’ve explore all that you need to explore. However, Tokyo is not that kind of city and I think it would take over a lifetime maybe two to even be able to see all the gems this it’s has to offer. Recently, two lovely ladies from Hong Kong were visiting and gave me a taste of Tokyo medicine. Fellow X-girl Ingrid and the lovely Anne told me to meet them for dinner at Ebisu Yokocho right near Ebisu station. Thinking it was a nice restaurant that I had yet to try, I made my way over and was in for a big surprise. Once I couldn’t find the “restaurant”, I found the address and went into the building. I was completely surprise to find so many little food stall restaurants hidden in this one building. It was so packed with people and smelled of delicious food that I couldn’t believe I had a.) never been there, b.) never heard about it, c.) never found it! I found the girls at one stall that had great sushi for a great price. We got our full and moved to the next stall of our choice. This is definitely a place that you can move from stall to stall and try out all of the interesting food Japan has to offer!

Here’s our Round 2!:

Girl’s Night with Ingrid (love the new headband!) & Anne
Crunchy salad
Buttered mushrooms
Crab brains
Round 3
Bean sprouts and pork on a hot plate
Fried chicken
With mayonnaise
Round 2 = so full!

We ended up staying and restaurant hoping until 2:30am eating all different kinds of food and sushi and drinking Japanese sake and beer. It was such a fun night, time passed so quickly!

Can’t wait for these girls to come back to Tokyo! Always love spending time with them!!

If you ever come to Tokyo and want to try a fun, raw, subcultural experience, I definitely recommend Ebisu Yokocho. Challenge yourself with the language, food, drink, and just enjoy life and try making friends!!


And We All Come Tumbling Down – Photos by Ixchel Lara

“And We All Come Tumbling Down”

A magical night with amazing people.

Beautiful models Kimberly Ann and Becky Gavola.

All photos by the lovely and talented Ixchel Lara.

Check her out here →

Location Shooting in Boracay, Philippines for Body Magazine & FHM

My first job of the year was an amazing collaboration of shooting a catalog for new sandals brand, Plip Plop, cover and inside spread of Body Magazine, and shooting for FHM Taiwan. I was invited by my friend and photographer David Barker to meet him in the Philippines, Boracay Island to shoot.


It was just after New Years so the island was bustling with people from all over the world enjoying their vacation. Coincidentally, my friend from Tokyo was there on vacation as well so I was able to meet up with her and her mom and spend some relaxing time together outside of Tokyo. It was really nice.











The shoots consisted of my own hair and make-up and my own styling, which I had never done before but it was actually really fun. It was so natural and smooth. And it was more like we were just having fun shooting pictures on a beautiful island than actually working. I am very lucky to have a friend as a great photographer. All of the pictures turned out beautifully on our two-manned shoot. I’m waiting excitedly to see them in print!





So if you’re in Taiwan or China, Please keep an eye out for me coming to magazine racks soon and make sure to pick up a copy! Great pictures plus interviews in both Body Magazine and FHM. And as always thank you for all of your support!


A Step Beyond, My Holiday Adventure in Bali

I spent my holidays in one of my most favorite places, Bali. This was my 3rd time to Bali and it was the first time to spend Christmas away from my family. Although I missed them very much, it was a very nice experience to celebrate a non-traditional Christmas on an island, in the sun. We rented a beautiful three-bedroom villa with a private pool near Seminyak called Villa Pearl. I had a total of 10 days and 11 nights in Bali and wished I never had to leave. I think I could live forever on an island, but I’ll just have to save that to look forward to in retirement. On Christmas day we drove towards the center of the island, to Ubud, to have a wonderful time with my boyfriend’s cousin and her family and a delicious japanese-style dinner. I love driving around Bali because there’s so many different people, places, sunsets, skies to see and so many beautiful religious temples and huge statues. We spent our most of our vacation lounging around on the beach, at our villa, in the pool, or just in bed. ♥


N.Y.E. at PTT

I celebrate saying Good-Bye to 2011 and HELLO 2012 by dancing the night away at a great party held at Potato Head Beach Club in Bali. It was a huge space with 3 different restaurants and a pool front and center (where they built a stage and DJ booth). We had a pretty big crew and managed to take over a small area in the front corner which gave us the best seats to the amazing fireworks show! It was the longest fireworks show I’ve ever seen!!

I couldn’t of asked for a better night with my boyfriend, best friend, and friends! It was an absolutely magical night in Bali! 2012 is going to be a great year! I can just feel it!!

If you ever make it to Bali, definitely be sure to check out Potato Head. It’s a great place to have dinner, relax, and stare at the ocean.




dream with eyes open,
love with hearts open,
speak with minds open,
for the sun will rise again to bring a new day

Year of the Dragon


Welcome 2012! I’m so excited for this year because it is my Chinese Year, the Year of the Dragon!!

Sending you lots of sunshine and love from Bali!!!


X-GIRLS in Tokyo – Arissa, Wendy, Misha, Melody

We are X-Girls!

Misha, Arissa, Melody, and Wendy

I was so happy to see fellow X-Girls in Tokyo!! We were able to hang out a few days during their trip and of course, shop! I can’t wait to see you girls again!

And be sure to check out their blogs on Carte Blanche X!!!