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New TV Program “Kawaii International” introduces Kawaii Culture and Fashion to the World

Hey Everyone!

Today is the start of my new TV show, “Kawaii International”. I will be co-hosting the show which will be introducing the best of Kawaii Culture and Fashion in Japan and around the world. I’m really excited to be doing a program in English and to showcase “Kawaii” to everyone all around the world.

The best part is that it is a program in English and can be seen from anywhere by live streaming online from NHK World TV!!!


Program: Kawaii International

Streaming dates: Feb. 19, Sun. 1:10/ 5:10/ 9:10/13:10/ 17:10/ 22:10 (UTC=London Time)

Feb. 19, Sun. 14:10/ 18:10/ 22:10/ & Feb. 20, Mon. 2:10/ 7:10 (JTC=Japan Time)


Co-hosting with fellow C.B.X. girl, Misha Janette!

We love KAWAII!!!

Along with Kawaii.i you can get live chats and news updates about the show.

Stay Kawaii!!! And Please make sure to watch “Kawaii International”!!!


Talk a walk for TOMS

On Friday night I had the opportunity to attend the world’s first TOMS Flagship Store Opening Party. It was one of the most touching store openings I have ever been to. After being introduced to the brand over a year ago, I have been a huge supporter and honestly believe in TOMS message and work.

The TOMS story is one of interest and made possible by love. I am very happy to be able to be involved with such an amazing brand! And for TOMS to be opening it’s first flagship store in Tokyo, Wow!!


TOMS members from all over the world also made their way to Tokyo to celebrate their first flagship store opening.
Hajime gave a little speech in English, even though he can speak Japanese fluently. Haha And after they showed a short movie about TOMS and all they have accomplished thus far.

With the help of people’s word of mouth and support of TOMS, they have been able to give over 1 million pairs of shoes to children who desperately need them. Their “ONE for ONE” motto means that for every one pair of TOMS sold, one pair of TOMS is given to a child. I was really touched to see all of the smiles on the children’s faces and amazed at all of the things that TOMS does. This year they also started a sunglasses line which also follows the “ONE for ONE” motto to help provide protection for children’s eyesight.

To have people understand what the children they support go through everyday without a pair of shoes, there was a little activity for the party attendees to try…
I didn’t realized how important having a pair of shoes is, until I had a little taste of what these children have to walk on everyday.

To know that TOMS is helping so many children all over the world and by supporting TOMS, I am too, is a wonderful feeling!

I guess there is a competition every year in the main office in Santa Monica, California and Hajime is training his way to be a top contender!

I had an absolutely magical night at the TOMS store on Friday night!!! It’s a brand I truly believe in and it’s something I like to call a “good looking cause”. Not only do you look good in a pair of TOMS, you know that you have given a pair of shoes to a child who needs them.

After the party we went out with the TOMS crew and had a few drinks around town, trying early on a Friday night to show them some fun spots in Tokyo. Hanging out with everyone was a great end to an awesome night!

Saturday, September 10, 2011 was their actual opening day so I stopped by the store to buy a few pairs I was eyeing the night before!!

Thank you Ryoko-san!!! I love my TOMS!!

If you’re in the Tokyo area definitely come check out the store in Harajuku!! But you can find TOMS pretty much all around the world and you can even shop for them online.


I’m currently up to 5 pairs of TOMS!! How many pairs do you own?? :)

If you have any interest, please check out their site and show your support! We are one world. ♥