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Hello Posh Spice, I mean Mrs. Beckham

I went to the launch of Victoria Victoria Beckham at Lane Crawford IFC in Hong Kong with the always lovely and fellow Miss X, Ingrid Chen.

I am wearing an Urban Outfitter dress and Zara heels, while Ingrid is wearing a Victoria Victoria Beckham dress.

Doing our best Posh Spice pose! Werk it gurlz!

Mrs. Beckham appeared at Lane Crawford IFC in Hong Kong and walked around the VIP area with everyone following her trying to get a picture with her. She was pretty in person, petit (hard to believe she’s had 4 kids!), well-poised and all I wanted to ask her was to sing “Wannabe”! hehe She stayed for about 5 minutes and made a short speech about her new line before she was escorted by security to her private room.

It was a fun night with free-flowing Moet Chandon and all you can eat gelato. After I met up with friends and hit the town! I love going to Hong Kong and especially when my trips coincide with fabulous fashion parties! Until next time…

Xx, Melody








Wow! This month has whizzed by! Vacation, work, work, vacation and now back to work and school! I spent last week working and enjoying a few days off in L.A. It was definitely nice to be back home and see all of my family and friends.

So, this amazing purchase was made actually a few months ago in Hong Kong at I.F.C. Mall. They are absolutely to die for. They caught my eye as soon as I stepped into the shoe section. And finally as my last try-on I tried these. They are a collaboration heel with the movie Tron: Legacy and Opening Ceremony. I don’t have much to say about the actual movie…but I am in love with these awesome futuristic heels. They’re made out of neoprene, which is the same stuff wetsuits are made out of, so they fit snug as a glove on your feet and rubber platform soles. They look pretty bulky but once you put them on they fit great and are lightweight which makes dancing the night away a piece of cake.

The only thing is that in the summer, your feet can get a little sweaty in them. But I think if you wear any kind of heel, unless they’re super open, the summer heat will win and your feet get kinda sweaty anyways. Haha

I wore them out to the Diane Von Furstenburg party and the Kitson party and got so many compliments. They are truly one-of-a-kind.

As a total shoe-a-holic, I LOVE these bad boys and can’t wait to wear them again!!

Sorry I haven’t been updating as much as I should be. I promise to update more!!