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mexibeads are happi-beads

Mexibead heels by Christian Louboutin
Sometimes wonderful people discover wonderful treasures like these beautiful hand-beaded “Mexibead” heels by Christian Louboutin.

I fall in love once more. The beautiful detailing of these heels, the rainbow of colors, they are a dreamer’s dream.

I think I’ll choose to never take these heels off. Ah thank-you-very-much.

Xx, Melody

Talk a walk for TOMS

On Friday night I had the opportunity to attend the world’s first TOMS Flagship Store Opening Party. It was one of the most touching store openings I have ever been to. After being introduced to the brand over a year ago, I have been a huge supporter and honestly believe in TOMS message and work.

The TOMS story is one of interest and made possible by love. I am very happy to be able to be involved with such an amazing brand! And for TOMS to be opening it’s first flagship store in Tokyo, Wow!!


TOMS members from all over the world also made their way to Tokyo to celebrate their first flagship store opening.
Hajime gave a little speech in English, even though he can speak Japanese fluently. Haha And after they showed a short movie about TOMS and all they have accomplished thus far.

With the help of people’s word of mouth and support of TOMS, they have been able to give over 1 million pairs of shoes to children who desperately need them. Their “ONE for ONE” motto means that for every one pair of TOMS sold, one pair of TOMS is given to a child. I was really touched to see all of the smiles on the children’s faces and amazed at all of the things that TOMS does. This year they also started a sunglasses line which also follows the “ONE for ONE” motto to help provide protection for children’s eyesight.

To have people understand what the children they support go through everyday without a pair of shoes, there was a little activity for the party attendees to try…
I didn’t realized how important having a pair of shoes is, until I had a little taste of what these children have to walk on everyday.

To know that TOMS is helping so many children all over the world and by supporting TOMS, I am too, is a wonderful feeling!

I guess there is a competition every year in the main office in Santa Monica, California and Hajime is training his way to be a top contender!

I had an absolutely magical night at the TOMS store on Friday night!!! It’s a brand I truly believe in and it’s something I like to call a “good looking cause”. Not only do you look good in a pair of TOMS, you know that you have given a pair of shoes to a child who needs them.

After the party we went out with the TOMS crew and had a few drinks around town, trying early on a Friday night to show them some fun spots in Tokyo. Hanging out with everyone was a great end to an awesome night!

Saturday, September 10, 2011 was their actual opening day so I stopped by the store to buy a few pairs I was eyeing the night before!!

Thank you Ryoko-san!!! I love my TOMS!!

If you’re in the Tokyo area definitely come check out the store in Harajuku!! But you can find TOMS pretty much all around the world and you can even shop for them online.


I’m currently up to 5 pairs of TOMS!! How many pairs do you own?? :)

If you have any interest, please check out their site and show your support! We are one world. ♥



Hey all! So I recently shot for Hong Kong store Union Shoes. And actually, it was shot in Tokyo.

The shoes were cute but the styling was ah-maz-ing!

Styling was done by Samu, Photographer Nakada-san, Hair and Make-up by Yusa-san. And everyone was great! It felt more like a free shoot rather than for an advertisement and catalog.

Here are some pics



The photographer showing me how to pose! hehe

And the gorg styling by Samu:
Miu Miu Top

Givenchy Jacket

After a long day we were all very happy to finish by 11pm!!

Such a great campaign with so many great pictures! Hopefully it will be up around Hong Kong soon!

So if you’re in Hong Kong…keep an eye out for me!!!








Wow! This month has whizzed by! Vacation, work, work, vacation and now back to work and school! I spent last week working and enjoying a few days off in L.A. It was definitely nice to be back home and see all of my family and friends.

So, this amazing purchase was made actually a few months ago in Hong Kong at I.F.C. Mall. They are absolutely to die for. They caught my eye as soon as I stepped into the shoe section. And finally as my last try-on I tried these. They are a collaboration heel with the movie Tron: Legacy and Opening Ceremony. I don’t have much to say about the actual movie…but I am in love with these awesome futuristic heels. They’re made out of neoprene, which is the same stuff wetsuits are made out of, so they fit snug as a glove on your feet and rubber platform soles. They look pretty bulky but once you put them on they fit great and are lightweight which makes dancing the night away a piece of cake.

The only thing is that in the summer, your feet can get a little sweaty in them. But I think if you wear any kind of heel, unless they’re super open, the summer heat will win and your feet get kinda sweaty anyways. Haha

I wore them out to the Diane Von Furstenburg party and the Kitson party and got so many compliments. They are truly one-of-a-kind.

As a total shoe-a-holic, I LOVE these bad boys and can’t wait to wear them again!!

Sorry I haven’t been updating as much as I should be. I promise to update more!!


Step into my room, but knock before you enter

Recently SWEET Interior Magazine did a little spread on my room. They came and took a bunch of pictures of my room and all of my stuff. It was the first time that I had a photo shoot in my room, sooooo there was some major cleaning that had to be done before they came over!

I love my walk-in closet! And now I’m sure that I can’t move anywhere with a small closet. So while they were shooting they were asking me questions about my room and I guess the best way to describe it is joyfully eclectic. I have a lot of different things in my room and I like to think of it as a collection of my travels because a lot of the stuff I have I get on my trips abroad. I really wish I could be minimal, it would be so much easier to keep clean, but that’s just not me. I also like to make a lot of the stuff in my room. A creative type if you might say.

Some of the things I love in my room:
-Doggy (my stuffed animal, he’s so old!)
-Abstract painting representing Japan and Bali (From Bali)
-Claudia, painting of the girl (From Bali)
-Candles (A collection from all over)
-Batman bucket (From Japan)
-Evil Eye charm (From Turkey)
-Stingray stained glass (From Hawaii)
-Pictures of all of my loved ones ♥

It was a different but fun shoot and I wanted to share it with you so that you could get a look into the place that’s all me.

Step into my room, but knock before you enter

But they forgot 1 important detail that isn’t in my room!

My shoe closets!! I LOVE SHOES!!!!

My shoe closets are messy but I’ve just got so many shoes! I try to get rid of my old ones but there are just some that I absolutely love and can’t let go. Sigh, shoes are my weakness! hehe

What are your favorite things in your room??