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GARTER Exhibition S/S 2012

In the same showroom as GIZA, I took a look at the GARTER S/S 2012 Exhibition. Most of the pieces are handmade one-of-a-kind but for this upcoming season GARTER has created a few pieces in a collection that are absolutely gorgeous. I love the detailing and silhouette of the leather dresses. Even Lady Gaga is a fan as she wore the leather studded vest with the big “G” on it!

The unique designs of GARTER are definitely innovating and inspiring.

worn by Lady Gaga!

I loved this bra top so I HAD to have it!

Do you see something interesting?





GIZA S/S 2012

I went to check out GIZA S/S 2012, which is designed by Mademoiselle Yulia. Known for her DJing, awesome fashion style and not to mention her blue hair, GIZA jewelry is gorgeously crafted for fashion lovers. The bold pieces of GIZA as well as the S/S 2012 collection has an essence of Egypt and reminds me of jewelry Cleopatra would wear. The deep rich hues of the Egyptian pieces are contrasted with the pop funky style of dinosaurs and unicorns on big gold chains. It was so much fun just looking at the variety in her collection that I instantly fell in love with both the rich and funky pieces.

with Mademoiselle Yulia and Mai-chan! Thank you Yulia!!!

Can’t wait to wear my new GIZA jewelry!!!

GIZA is definitely making it’s way to Asia so keep an eye out for the fresh new designs by Mademoiselle Yulia!!



“Greece” is the word

I had such a wonderful time in Greece. What an amazing 2 weeks.

Here are some pictures from my vacation to Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens~


I took so many pictures over 2 weeks it was hard to decide.

Well, the weather was amazing and so we spent almost everyday at the beautiful beaches and in the crystal clear water. I am a total beach girl, so there is no place I would rather be. I feel so refreshed and relaxed!!

I loved Mykonos. The beaches were absolutely gorgeous. Mykonos Town is just so cute with it’s white and blue buildings and house and cobblestone paths which were streets that you could lose your way in. It felt like a little Dr. Seuss town.

Santorini was just picturesque. The most amazing sunsets everyday in Santorini were a major highlight of the trip. We even took a boat tour to climb the volcano, swim in the hot springs, and visit Thirassia, which is the other island that makes up Santorini.

Our friends in Athens said that there are over 1000 islands in Greece. I was surprised but thrilled because that meant that I would have to come back and explore some more. I will definitely travel back to Greece.

Spending everyday outside felt so good. Living in a big city like Tokyo, I didn’t realize how much stress my body feels without natural surroundings. I wish I could spend everyday on vacation, but don’t we all!!

I couldn’t of asked for a more perfect summer holiday!!!


I’ve been waiting for you

My summer vacation has started!! Were you able to guess where I might be going this summer??
The day after my birthday I hopped on a plane and started a long 4 legged journey to The Greek Isles. I have been dreaming about coming here for so long. I’ve only heard wonders of the blue on white color scheme, the absolutely beautiful beaches, the clear ocean water, and the delicious food!

We arrived in Mykonos at night so I was a little disappointed I couldn’t see more of the island. But as soon as the sun started shining I was so excited I jumped out of bed and opened the balcony doors of our little hotel room to see the sun rising on the beautiful town of Mykonos and the Aegean Sea!!! I was in heaven!

The view from our hotel room

Relaxing on Elia Beach

Mykonos sunset from Little Venice in Mykonos Town

Standing over Mykonos Town!

The best part is that my vacation has just started and although today is our last day in Mykonos, we are about to hop on the ferry to take us to Santorini for 6 days!!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful summer so far!!!

Sending you lots of love from Greece!!


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