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GIZA S/S 2012

I went to check out GIZA S/S 2012, which is designed by Mademoiselle Yulia. Known for her DJing, awesome fashion style and not to mention her blue hair, GIZA jewelry is gorgeously crafted for fashion lovers. The bold pieces of GIZA as well as the S/S 2012 collection has an essence of Egypt and reminds me of jewelry Cleopatra would wear. The deep rich hues of the Egyptian pieces are contrasted with the pop funky style of dinosaurs and unicorns on big gold chains. It was so much fun just looking at the variety in her collection that I instantly fell in love with both the rich and funky pieces.

with Mademoiselle Yulia and Mai-chan! Thank you Yulia!!!

Can’t wait to wear my new GIZA jewelry!!!

GIZA is definitely making it’s way to Asia so keep an eye out for the fresh new designs by Mademoiselle Yulia!!



Fall Beauty Giveaway! The Winners!!

To all that entered my Fall Beauty Giveaway! Here are the winners!!!

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments! I loved reading all of your comments very much!!

Congratulations to the winners of the “Melody’s Fall Beauty Giveaway!”!!

I will be doing more “Melody’s Giveaways!” so please keep watching!!



Versace for H&M = Love at first sight

Last night I had the amazing opportunity to go to the H&M press room in Tokyo to get a sneak peek at the new Versace for H&M Collection. With so many bright tropical colors and eye-popping patterns, the new collection is absolutely amazing! Right away, I fell in love the eccentricity of the Versace for H&M Collection. It reminded me of Miami, Florida in it’s glamorous 80′s and made me want to be on a beach somewhere, listening to live music sipping on a mojito.

With half of the collection dripping in bright colors and patterns, the other half is cool and glamorous with black leather and studded designs. Not only is the clothing absolutely rocking, the accessories and bags are pretty fab too! Oh, did I mention the men’s collection is just a awesome as the women’s?? For me, the whole point for fashion is to have fun and feel good in the clothes you are wearing and this collection is all fun baby! The colors and the styles of the pieces only further accentuates the young, vibrant, iconic feeling of the Versace for H&M Collection.

The official launch was held last night in New York with many famous celebrities and fashion icons, including Prince who performed at the after party, all gathering together to see what the Versace for H&M Collection had in store.

I think this collection is for people of all ages; it will remind the older crowd of their younger days, when they used so much hairspray and tanning oil, and it will excite the younger crowd of the glamorous days that we never were able to experience.

I was so inspired to see such a mass of exciting pieces in one collection! And being sold at a store with a price point that is completely affordable!

Versace for H&M Collection is by far my favorite collection of this year!!!

COUNTDOWN until Versace for H&M Collection hits stores: NOVEMBER 19th, 2011

Watch out for gators!

Love this bright yellow plunge dress with studs!

Leather + studs = Rockstar

Oo la la

Love this hat!

With DJ Peli

My girls Mai-chan and H&M PR Tabasa!

Blending in~ on the Versace for H&M Collection interior amazingness! Interior pieces are a big throw and cushions!


The beautiful detail of the metal tipped collar.

Just say “Yes!” to leather studded pants.

Yusuke and I looking gangster fab in our matching Versace for H&M jackets! We are thinking about starting a rap duo, what do you think?

We love Versace for H&M Collection! Such a great time hanging out at the H&M press room!

Thank you H&M!!!! Thank you Tabasa!!!!

I am dying to get my hands on some Versace for H&M Collection pieces!!!!!

If you have a chance definitely try to get yourselves to H&M stores on November 19th, 2011 to check out the new Versace for H&M Collection. I promise you won’t regret it!!




It’s that time again! My FALL GIVEAWAY!!! This time I want to share with you some of my new favorite beauty loves!

If you would like to enter make sure to go to my YouTube and leave a comment on this video!!


And it don’t stop

This year my Halloween celebration ended up being 4 days long! I’m usually not so avid about Halloween as I tend to stress out on what to be and buying a costume and whatnot but this year was probably my best Halloween yet! Not only was it filled with costumes and make-up and friends and parties, it was the easiest and cheapest Halloween to date.

Here’s a run through of my HALLOWEEN transformations from the weekend~*


ROBOT girl
You bet I was doing the robot all night long!
Domo Arigatou Mr. (Miss) Roboto!



MINNIE MOUSE (in the Halloween spirit, I wore this to work on Saturday morning and it’s just a make shift costume using my real clothes!)


EVE (from ADAM and EVE)







Jack Sparrow had to be my favorite costume bc I got to wear a fake mustache and beard! Lol Everyone seemed to love it and told me I pulled off Jack Sparrow pretty well for being a girl! Haha

How was your Halloween??

What did YOU dress up as??


I lost my Choo!

Last night I attended JIMMY CHOO‘s 15 Year Anniversary ICONS Collection Event. It was an absolutely fabulous night! The party was in preparation for the world wide launch and sale of JIMMY CHOO’s new (or renewal, bringing back all of the most ICONIC JIMMY CHOOs) collection. The shoes are absolutely to-die-for!!!!

The JIMMY CHOO ICONS Collection represent beautiful fashion ICONS over the past decades, with names like Brigette, Marlene, Rita, Faye, Lauren, Raquel, who wouldn’t see stars when looking at this collection?! My favorite is Rita, which is famous from Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw’s “I lost my Choo”. (Speaking of, I might have to go and rewatch that episode!)


















Delicious fruity cocktails inspired by the ICONS Collection


I paired my gorgeous Jimmy Choos and Jimmy Choo bag with a lovely pearl detailed bustier dress from One Teaspoon.


“Dome” Jimmy Choo


Jimmy Choo bag


My friends and super awesome bloggers Momo-chan & Mai ♥ Check out their blogs!

With fellow Carte Blanche X Face, and Fashion blogger, Misha Janette


Vogue Girl Japan Chief Editor Gunji-san

Models Emi Renata and Liv Lo



Our JIMMY CHOOs!!!! #legs


With CEO of JIMMY CHOO, Joshua Schulman


As a shoe-a-holic myself, I couldn’t help but feel so happy just being in the presence of such an amazing collection of shoes. Also…thinking about all of the different outfits I could wear with every single pair, if I had them in my possession! Well I definitely now know what I will be asking Santa for this Christmas!

Thank you JIMMY CHOO for an absolutely splendid night and reminding me that the sky’s the limit when creating works of art that inspire the minds and hearts of people all over the world. It really is an ICONIC Collection, and I’m totally in love~!

Xx, Melody



Evil Twin dress : Topshop top : Decious lace cardigan : vintage belt : Mercury Duo boots : Chanel sunglasses




Xx, Melody

Talk to the hand




Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing good! It’s that time of year where the seasons are changing and its easy to catch a cold so make sure you stay warm and get lots of vitamin C.

Recently I purchased this awesome hand wear at a little Ethnic shop in Shibuya. It caught my eye straight away and I had to buy it. It’s from India and it’s beautiful! I can’t wait for the next time I can wear it out! Maybe to the next party! I absolutely love that it connects all 5 fingers instead of only 1.

Talk to the hand cuz the face don’t give a…♥


Bones, thugs, and hugs


Wildfox top, H&M jeans, Converse Jack Purcell shoes, H&M bag, vintage hat

I’m starting a new TV show in Japan called “Bazooka!!!” on October 3rd so to help introduce all of the new members they did a little introduction piece on each of us; what we do at work, what we do on our free time, etc. I absolutely love roller coasters and bungee jumps and adrenaline pumping activities, so for my piece they filmed me at an amusement park near Tokyo. The staff has been searching for the world’s most thrilling rides and adventures for me to hopefully try during the filming of this show! I can’t wait for it to start and I can’t wait to see what this show has in store!


Top 5

My Top 5! 2011 F/W fashion items

What made the list??

I hope this helps you on your F/W shopping and definitely try to mix them into your own wardrobe this F/W!