Taking chances: I started the world’s only high-fashion wig line, “Plumb”! Come check it out, tell me what you think!

At the beginning of this month, I launched the world’s only high-fashion wig line “Plumb” in Tokyo and globally online.

Why did I start a wig brand?

I just found myself Googling “cool wigs” or “fashionable wigs” or “Vogue-style wigs” far too often and always came up with NOTHING. You think any of us really can attempt all those awesome runway trends and then change our hair up the following season just to follow the whims of fashion? No! Hair takes a long time to grow, yo! And if you have naturally dark hair trying to get those pretty pastel-colors to show up is a pain. And if you have light colored hair then dying it will kill it.

So! I decided to make some wigs of my own! And since I was getting so many compliments on my first prototypes and since at factories they have these things called “lots” and I wanted to start a brand…. well, I thought EVERYONE should be able to get one so I  put in all the paperwork for a company and a brand and called it “Plumb”! (but don’t think it was so easy to start a brand! It took 9 months of nightmares and funding etc etc… I think I aged a few years. Gah >_<)

Anyway, here is the first collection:

It’s small, just like a designer’s first fashion collection. And that is how I am treating them: like a piece of high fashion. They are all hand made and made of the best synthetic fiber technology has to offer (real hair? It will start to stink and it’s SO expensive. You don’t want that).

Each style is limited to only 30 pieces each GLOBALLY. So no worries about someone else showing up to the same party with your hair style!

a layer of super fashion forward and cool black bob with platinum blonde crimp at the bottom. See more about Tango here.

A short pixie cut with cotton cant pink highlights at the bangs and an ombre of black to purple to red in the back. See more about Montana here.

A maroon-red bob with red and pink highlights. This one is SO beautiful on! See more about Glance here.

For fans of street style, I made this one with a natural-looking brown that features macaron lavender-colored tips and highlights at the bangs. See more on Debut here.

This one was inspired by my idol, Daphne Guinness. This one is a natural brown/black with platinum blonde highlights and light blue “dip-dye” ends. My favorite! See more on Daphne here.

There are two mens styles as well!

So each one is 23,000-25,000 yen which is as much as a good haircut but this will last as long as you take care of it.

I love wearing my wigs all the time:

Here is the website again: Plumb-world.com

Please check it out, pass it along, and I encourage you to think about trying one out! Trust me, you will wonder why you never did it before: Hello! No bad hair day!



Can I Get a holla for 2012?

2012 February!! Oh wow. Isn’t it GREAT how time flies? Hah.

I spent the early part of this so far EXTREMELY COLD winter in New York, my hometown Spokane in Washington State, and then Portland. Can I share? Ok!

First up, my hometown of Spokane. It’s humble, but it’s also the birthplace of David Lynch (and I`m pretty proud of that fact!).

An old art-deco style hotel “The Davenport” built over a hundred years ago.

Christmas at the family house. I don’t go home for Christmas often so this time was pretty special:

Portland, Oregon. Green and eco and vintage-y:


This coffee shop is famous because they have a branch in the Ace Hotel in NYC but it is originally from this area. It’s also the best coffee in the world!


Portland doesn’t have restaurants, they have food carts. Lol.

Back in New York City for New Years Eve, I saw a crazy cool band from Tokyo called Trippple Nippples perform at a secret location in the East Village.  They make look wild, but they are super chill people when not on stage. Artistic, with good music to boot! Look out for them to take NYC by storm!

My favorite part of NYC was seeing this year’s window displays at Bergdorf Goodman. This year the theme was “Carnival of the Animals” and apparently it took two years to put together. Can you spot the italian tile, the paper window? The brass? The glass? It’s all so incredible!

I went to a couple amazing restaurants, one of them “Fatty Crab” in the meatpacking district that has the BEST sliders and drinks. Ask for Brian and have an awesome time-you might run into quite a few celebs there too.

I also went to Nello, an uber posh italian restaurant on the Upper East Side that has the yummiest plate of truffle risotto I have ever put in my mouth. Heaven. Check them out if you are there!

A little late, but Happy New Year everyone!!!

I can’t believe the next holiday is V-day. I just had my nails done and decided to put jack-o-lantern charms on them. I can be backwards..but who says time has to be so linear and boring? It’s always cool to mix it up. And pumpkin is yummy when it’s cold out like it is now in Tokyo….

You can follow me everyday as I blog about fashion at Tokyo Fashion Diaries!

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I Need Miss X-ers’ Help! PLEASE VOTE!

I created a “Fantasy Outfit” with the goods at Luisa Via Roma (the online shopping luxury site) and made an image board with my own graphics and illustrations. I was SHOCKED to see that I was chosen as one of 10 finalists!

But the winner is chosen by popular vote….which means I need to kindly ask all of the cool girls here to vote for my entry. PLEASE VOTE !

It is titled “Tokyo Gloss” and is inspired by the street fashions in Shibuya and Harajuku (it was an interesting challenge to create the looks out of only western brands. So I used a LOT of funky accessories. Yeah, I know girls like us love our accessories!).

Every person who votes also has the chance to win a 500 euro shopping spree! So VOTE, VOTE VOTE!

My entry is at the very top– (so easy!). Please click on it and then click the button “Vote for this look”. And confirm the email. Then it’s done!


Miss-X girls, UNITE!! xoxox




Tokyo Til I Die!

I hope you guys are into giant posts with a spew of photos because here’s a juicy one! (ew, much? ;) . If you have ANY questions about any of the photos you can always ask me in the comments and I will do my best to answer! Ok, so on with the show!

So we just had an incredible Fashions Night Out in Tokyo sponsored by VOGUE and I was asked to be an official blogger as an “Ultrablogger”. Anna Wintour and 17 editors, a bunch of designers like Michael Kors, and other global blogging friends like Bryanboy, Rumi Neely, Chicmuse, Fashionsalade came over. I was invited to 9 shops including Stella McCartney, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Armani. I had an incredible time, as you will see…

I was SO honored to featured in Numero Tokyo as one of Tokyo’s top fashionistas along with YOON, You and Kagami Seira in the newest issue. What do you think about my outfit I made for it? :)

Roberto Cavalli came to Tokyo since he opened his first shop in Asia ever here. I met some friends like Yu Yamada, and made a new one (…Cavalli! heh). I got to wear an incredible Cavalli dress that was super unique and I loved it…

Tokyo Fashion week. We had such an incredible show if fashion during this season’s fashion week last month! Here are a few highlights of my week…:

Above: I DJ-ed at the closing party for Tokyo Fashion Week. I had a braid artist put the head piece on me— it took over an hour!

Below are some of my styling work I’d like to showcase. The first is Nicki Minaj… perhaps you have seen this picture? Actually, this vest is by a Japanese designer named Kae for DOG, and it became quite the sensation during NYFW. Below you see me packing all the costumes up…YES, I sent it to her! Haha…. I was super happy she wore it.

Below is just two shots from an accessories brand campaign for “Masaya Nishimura” that I styled for. I am in love with this art-deco-futuristic style.

I was a guest at a “Secret Restaurant” by Ayako Suwa that was an amazing entertaining feast.


Below are some shots of me performing on stage at Laforet’s Fashion Week. I was asked to go up on stage and act but I didn’t know what to do. So beforehand I wrote a fashion fairytale and performed it with my friend Sioux who is a popular Harajuku model. All of our clothes were provided by CANDY, which is one of Tokyo’s hippest stores.

Now I have a monthly column in Chinese mag YOHO where I get to talk about my favorite Tokyo shops and all of the cool people who shop there. It’s always the funnest photoshoots… below is from the first issue. We shot at Nude Trump in Shibuya.



My friend just opened a new guest house in Kyoto called “Pan and Circus”. It is so beautiful, but still cheap! If you’re ever in Kyoto on a budget, I really recommend it. http://panandcircus.com/

Featured in Commons&Sense newest issue titled “Love”! I made a red martini cocktail in representation of love. ;)

Alright, that’s it for all of my activities. Below are some photos from my favorite blog posts over the past month or so. You can visit my blog (which I update almost daily!) here: http://www.tokyofashiondiaries.com/

Above: My VOGUE-inspired manicure.
xoxo Misha

Getting my head out of the sand….

Hi guys!! I AM SORRY for disappearing so long…and I was so excited to be blogging everyday like master— but you know how in reality TV a 30 minute program crams in so much exciting stuff, when really it covers like a week or more of time? Yeah, so day-to-day stuff isn’t so exciting. And I have been extremely busy with lots of work. –I actually started my own company recently and it has kept me extra busy! I will be debuting a line of edgy, fashion-forward wigs from a brand called “Plumb” so please look forward to it!

So here is my roundup to catch up!


Noritaka Tatehana  x Dom Perignon

Noritaka Tatehana is a young ingenue shoe designer in Tokyo who is most famous for being the exclusive designer to Lady Gaga (all of those heelless platform shoes are his). He was having the 1 year anniversary of his brand at le baron in Tokyo with Dom Perignon and I was asked to DJ. I had such a great time! The theme was “Daphne Guinness” so I did my best homage to the queen of couture.

I also love Noritaka’s shoes…as you can see below….


Next up, I had a great interview with Satellite Voices, which is a part of Dazed and Confused magazine. I am so honored!! I think singapore should be on that list of “hot” cities too, don’t you think?!

Read the article here!!!


Next, I got dressed up to go to the debut party for “Ziyoou vachi” (pronounced “joe-o-bachi”) who are the hottest up and coming musical group in Tokyo. They are all super young, and the lead vocalist is very…..unique. His little sister is the drummer…I think they are all in their teens still?! In any case, the fashion industry here is going gaga over them, and I  am rooting for them too.

The dress code at the debut party was “masquerade”  so we all wore masks. I am with the staff that works at the coolest store CANDY and SISTER in Tokyo.


I have an ongoing project with fashion illustrator Przemeck Sobocki, who is Polish but lives in Tokyo. His work is incredible! So he has been doing an illustration based on my styling and my life as a fashion-obsessee for the past several months. All of the clothes are based on actual pieces from Tokyo brands. He recently sent me the latest edition. Check them out!

Finally, the Japan Fashion Week organization so kindly featured me on the official homepage with a really nice interview in English and Japanese. it talks about how I got to working in Tokyo, what I think of the fashion, and about my blog and the success it has received this year. You can read the interview in English here. (while you’re there, check out some of the Tokyo brands, and see the schedule for the upcoming Tokyo Fashion Week!)

Speaking of blogs, I am still doing my best to update it as often as I can…usually 5 x a week. I feature lots of underground Japanese brands as well as really artistic international brands and news. Below are some pics from recent entries. If it looks interesting to you at all, please check the articles out at Tokyo Fashion Diaries!



tokyo fashion diaries


Spin, Spin Sugar

July shenanigans.

DJing at the Shoes of Prey night at le Baron, Tokyo. My favorite things to play are club remixes of The Smashing Pumpkins and Busta Rhymes. This night, the “Super Mario Bros” theme remix was the biggest hit~

Next, I visited Tokyo’s most popular traditional Shrine and tourist spot, Asakusa. I host a radio show, and this day I was interviewing a 100-year-old shop that makes rice candy right at the entrance where this lantern is. It’s called the “kaminari” gate, which means “thunder gate”. The candy is called “provoking the thunder”. Ha-. After the shoot, I decided to be touristy and take a walk around-I never get to be a tourist in my own city (I haven’t even been up in the Tokyo Tower yet…!).

My favorite flavor is soy powder and brown sugar ^^


That night a lot of familiar faces gathered at model Elli-Rose’s house to celebrate her parent’s anniversary and her dad’s birthday. There was Mari-Sara from Nylon, Tokyo Dandy, Yuya Nara, etc. We did fireworks on the balcony and ate way too much cake! I haven’t eaten any sugar since then…+_+

Finally, the other day was the Marc Jacobs launch of the Oh, Lola perfume in Tokyo. We had cupcakes, champagne, and bowled (omg…this pic is kind of embarrassing!) But despite the get-up, I got a STRIKE &$%#! //^^//

Fellow Miss-X er Melody Yoko!! It was her birthday this day (Arissa too!). Happy birthday, gorgeous girls!

Have a martini! And ciao for now!

OH! PS- I am auctioning this corset I re-made for an appearance by singer OLIVIA for a TV appearance when she sang singles as Reira for the manga “NANA”. It’s on Yahoo! Auction and all proceeds go to save the children (specifically, those affected by the earthquake). There’s only a few hours left, so if you can get access, BID!

Auction Here


A brand with a viewpoint~Ohta~

Time to push some boundaries– take this brand for instance; you will think “It’s so sweet, so calm..not what the girls on the site are at all!” But in fact stretching the fashion imagination a little, we see that even pieces like this work. Imagine pairing this with motorcycle heels and some major metal jewelry. It would make for a totally unique style. In fact, in Tokyo, it’s stockists are two of the most gritty, fashion-forward shops in town (Wut Berlin and Destination Tokyo).

Ohta is one of those trojan brands that I think will be dispersing among your favorite store’s clothing racks before long. Except instead of coming in on a giant wooden horse, it’s idling inside little charming knickknacks, dishes, and unique graphical prints on roomy silhouettes.

It’s hard to tell from far away what this graphic that features prominently in this collection entails. Close up you see it’s got bits of techno-warble, despite these lookbook photos projecting a  more “french windowsill” image than a “cybertronic” one. And I really find that contrasting sense of design and visuals fascinating, thus this brand perches on my shelf of “must watch”ers.


What else do I find fascinating? This surreal print on one of their oversized t-shirts. What a waste that it is relegated only such an item! Left to languish…
I politely yet earnestly asked the designer to next time give something like this more presence, and perhaps explore it on a different silhouette or item. I really would want it on a blouse or skirt or one-piece dress…

More pics at the blog here-


Fashionable Photo Dump! Shanghai to Tokyo

So I don’t usually do this…OK, I *never* do this…. just throw up photos of my everyday life.  Being an editor/journalist what have you, I am used to chronicling other people and giving commentary, so putting my own life up there open for commentary from others is… well, a headspin! But here we go… and I apologize there aren’t many; I`m always forgetting to bust out my camera when I`m eating something yummy or doing something rad. Will try to keep up!

First up, Shanghai! It was my first trip there and I LOVED it! Great food, great people (TOO HOT…and I`m used to Tokyo summers! +_+). I want to have an apartment in the French Concession ;)

A really quaint vintage shop in Shanghai

Oh look, fellow Miss-X er Rigel Davis and her awesome shop Vanitas!

Then back to Tokyo! And back to work!

At Matohu shop opening, I love this contrast.

At the Mercedes Benz Connect opening with their CEO and Jonte Moaning, Beyonce choreographer and now JAPAN POP STAR~~!

Tokyo’s best boutique hotel, CLASKA

rad Tokyo sunset!


Makin’ up for David Lynch’s Flat Film..Lady Dior.

Remember David Lynch’s short film for Lady Dior titled “Shanghai”? Yeah, it was kind of forgettable (minus the beautiful cityscape). But here is something more impactful: Uber-famous artists and photographers re-imagined the Lady Dior bag in their signature styles and were shown in Shanghai for a month in June. I never saw anything about this until I was in Shanghai last week, and it was picked up in several Chinese art magazines (fashion and art magazines are super cheap, around 350 yen ($4) each! And most are servicey, coming with English translations in the back).

The exhibit was unfortunately finished by the time I arrived, but I found some photos on the web at a special website Dior had set up for the project. There are a load of pieces, below are my favorites

See more of my picks and background info here

Or visit the Lady Dior website here

Xx misha

SOMARTA and Lady Gaga Shoes….

SOMARTA is one of the most prominent brands on the Tokyo fashion calendar and it comfortably rests there thanks to a highly distinctive aesthetic of casual futurism. Of course, “futurism” isn’t necessarily a fair label as the techniques they use to create pieces such as seamless knitwear and graphical prints may be high-tech, but they are still refined for consumers of today’s era.

The last collection was possibly the most elegant and refined yet. The show was set in a room brightened with natural  light streaming in from all sides, and models circled the room in sleek looks of mermaid and column silhouettes. The designs were enhanced by shoes by Noritaka Tatehana, who collaborated with SOMARTA on his heelless shoes for the second season running. He is famous for becoming Lady Gaga’s exclusive shoe designer last year (she has worn his shoes on the cover of Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, in her Alejandro video and pretty much everywhere she goes, including the see-through ones in Singapore the other day).


if you likey-likey, the rest of the collection is here~

xo misha