Make a deal with the Devil but keep your fingers crossed ☨

Pictures taken in Shanghai & Seoul

11 Responses to Make a deal with the Devil but keep your fingers crossed ☨

  1. Linh says:

    Love the XX purse next to you in the second pic!! Where are they from?
    Do you exercise regularly ?? YOu have amazing legs!!

    • RIGEL says:

      Hi Linh,

      I bought the XXX purse at a small boutique in Hong Kong. The band name is “gunt” .. never heard of it before and no idea where it’s from hah. As for your second question, no, I don’t work out but I reallly should!!! Thank you for your compliment though >.<

  2. Cassie says:

    Hi Rigel,
    Is that blazer and shorts that you’re wearing with the Celine yellow python box bag by ACNE? If they are, i have the shorts too but have been searching for the blazer everywhere. They’re so comfortable yet chic! Love the outfit, esp the bag. I always look forward to your outfit posts though they definitely result in major envying!You’re one lucky girl. May I ask if your only business is just the Vanitas boutique or do you have other businesses/projects? And please keep your posts coming!

    • RIGEL says:

      Hi Cassie,

      Yes, the jacket and shorts are both from ACNE. I sold this at my store.. wonder if we have another jacket..

      As of right now, my only business is Vanitas! Thanks for following my posts and I will try to update more often :)


  3. JK says:

    hi rigel, the givenchy f/w 2011 tshirts are yours or are they for sale in your store?

  4. Roz says:


    You have gorgeous shoes & Bags collection!! Do a blog on your shoes & bags collection soon!!!


  5. NikNak says:

    Hi Rigel!

    I was wondering, where did you get that black leather jacket with the spikes at the back? What brand is it? I want the exact same one :D

    anyway, I really really love your style! I wish I had your wardrobe! You look so beautiful too!

    Kisses :D

    • RIGEL says:

      Hi NikNak,

      The jacket with black spikes is from UNIF. Maybe you can find it online.

      Thank you! I will try n post more often :)

  6. LP says:

    Hey Rigel,
    im your secret fan haha. your fashion sense is cool.
    Even if im a guy. If you have any time, please check out my instagram
    @liukpark . Maybe a follow? jkjk but that would make my year though. xx
    p.s what breed is the dog?

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