A Little more from Europe ~

some of the left over pictures i took in France this summer!
will post more pictures from my summer adventures really soon! enjoy*

xxx, V

IMG 2541IMG 2540IMG 2543IMG 2544IMG 2545IMG 2546IMG 2549IMG 2551IMG 2553IMG 2581IMG 2582IMG 2583IMG 2586IMG 2587IMG 2589IMG 2593IMG 2596IMG 2599IMG 2600IMG 2604IMG 2610IMG 2611IMG 2617IMG 2623IMG 2632IMG 2633IMG 2640IMG 2644IMG 2647IMG 2653IMG 2665IMG 2679IMG 2681IMG 2684IMG 2690IMG 2691IMG 2697IMG 2701IMG 2707IMG 2713IMG 2719IMG 2735IMG 2750IMG 2758IMG 2771IMG 2773IMG 2776IMG 2778IMG 2788IMG 2797IMG 2807IMG 2814IMG 2819IMG 2826IMG 2828IMG 2836IMG 2838IMG 2903IMG 2910IMG 2914IMG 2919IMG 2921IMG 2928IMG 2945IMG 2957IMG 2965IMG 2969IMG 2972IMG 2974IMG 2983IMG 2995IMG 2998IMG 3020IMG 3025IMG 3026IMG 3033IMG 3050IMG 3061IMG 3070IMG 3072IMG 3080IMG 3081IMG 3095IMG 3098IMG 3103IMG 3144IMG 3149IMG 3175IMG 3190IMG 3201IMG 3207IMG 3210IMG 3214IMG 3240IMG 3243IMG 3236IMG 3250IMG 3314IMG 3346IMG 3361

2 Responses to A Little more from Europe ~

  1. g says:

    Hi val, nice photos there. Just curious but do you know how to speak chinese even though u stay in LA for most part of your life =)

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