[ SAVE WATER ⚡ SPRAY CHAMPAGNE ] // Instagram Jams

Vegas , New York , LA




. x .


IMG 4868P1000030IMG 6745IMG 6818IMG 6771IMG 6839IMG 7078IMG 7093IMG 7094IMG 7142IMG 7192IMG 7195IMG 6878IMG 7305IMG 7343IMG 7408IMG 7420IMG 7488IMG 7385

5 Responses to [ SAVE WATER ⚡ SPRAY CHAMPAGNE ] // Instagram Jams

  1. rozz says:

    very nice photos, love to visit US one day. btw how tall are you? :)

  2. claire says:

    hey may I know who’s this song by? thanks!

  3. jamie says:

    hi val! just want to know, living in a western country, and as an Asian, do you get “looks” or “attitude” from the Caucasians? coz i know that they dont rrly like asian ppl… :/
    no offence meant in this question just wanna knw… thanks!! :D

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