….. said to be one of the hottest summer’s , hopefully it’ll cool down in parts of the world

kinda’ a NEW obsession of MINE ….. SHARK ATTACKS! Fun iphone case with attitude!

…. right now in Taipei, it’s the Hello Kitty Robot Exhibition! This is what happens when Italian eyewear brand Retrosuperfuture met Japan’s cutest export, Hello Kitty? You cut some images out and collage it together and get Super x Hello Kitty. Not saying I’m a crazy fan but can respect the creativity that comes from this Kitty character!

There are models. There are supermodels. And then there are just icons. Her beauty mark is one-of-a-kind & most memorable for appearance in George Michael’s music video, LOVED!

…. I ain’t no Cindy Crawford but I’m not afraid of a little posepose myself, hehee

til next time of sharing what’s on my mind, where I’m headed next, or just a HELLO! 3.V.O.7.L.O.V.E.S YOU x WENDY WU

litte bits’ of what’s been going on….. 2013 busycrazybusy

2013 is going by so fast…..

…… sooooo many wedding’s this year ~ counting on both hands’

Phuket was a great break from my everyday world…. girlsgirlsgirls!

….. can everyday be like this

Thank You ~ Loved the surprise package & fits perfect, XOXO!

…… Champagne anyone?

think overall I gots’ some color from my trip to Thailand, hahaha….. heading to Tokyo soon so hopefully will get more photos along the way, 3VO7LOVES U ~

PuSh and ShoVe

Grew up listening to them….. inspired by the red lips’ & just jammin’ & groovin’ ~

Reunions are always a hit-or-miss affair, especially when you’ve been out of the game for close to ten years, and your lead singer has an established solo career. A lot has changed since the heady days of ska-punk revivalist hits such as Don’t Speak and Hey Baby and Underneath It All. In a nutshell, the 90s were kind to this laid back and effusive dancehall-reggae-pop-punk act out of Anaheim, California.

Then leading lady Gwen Stefani launched a quite successful solo career, pumping out hits like Hollaback GirlCool, and The Sweet Escape that belied her advancing age (this being a band that had originally formed way back in 1986) and connected her with a teenage audience wired with the latest digital tools.

Now with the band finally back together, Push and Shove plays like an attempt to get them back on solid ground and find their footing in a radically altered music industry, where physical album sales have plummeted and digital media is king….. iTunes or whatever it is how you get your music, I’m HUGE with supporting entertainers that you love, keep them around XxxX.3.V.O.7.  ~ WW


got any MUSE’s? or prefer REBEL’s?

lately been more of a monday – friday kinda gal @ the office and chillaxin’ on the weekends…… came across this brand thru my friends FB and wanted to share…..

either we’ve all needed one of these items at one point or at least tried using them……

something calming about this piece…. love blue’

Aztec is here to stay…… shopping, researching, and this style is just not fading out yet ~

spikes’ & all color combo caught my eye on this one

…. summer is definitely here and it’s not just about wearing a bikini ~ exercise your right to accessorize, that’s what it’s all about here!

3.V.O.7. website & FW 2012 coming soon…… I’m back to slaving away, blog on!!!

Karen Walker Eyewear + AmenPaPa

…. wanted to say “Thank You” to Arissa for the lovely Karen Walker Sunglasses!!!

….. looking forward to seeing you sooner than laterz’ ~ XxxXLOVE